You Probably Aren't Their First Priority If They Do These 20 Things 

You Probably Aren’t Their First Priority If They Do These 20 Things 

1. They cancel plans without a reasonable explanation. And they never bother to make a rain check or even apologize about it.

2. They show up late. They don’t even text you ahead of time to let you know they’re going to be a while longer.

3. They forget important dates — like your birthday and anniversary. They only remember after you bring it up.

4. They never remember little details you tell them either. You could repeat the same stories three times and they would still act like it’s the first time they’re hearing what you have to say.

5. They never notice when you change something small about your appearance. It doesn’t matter whether you cut your hair, style it differently, or dye it a completely different color because they don’t pay enough attention to you to notice.

6. They always ‘forget’ to tell you important things going on in their life. You’re always the last one to know their news. Most of the time, you find out on social media or through a friend of a friend.

7. They don’t introduce you to their friends. Whenever they go out on weekends, you aren’t invited to tag along.

8. They don’t introduce you to their parents either. They keep you and their family completely separate.

9. They never initiate the conversation. You’re always the one sending the first text. And when you see them in person, you’re always the one walking over first.

10. They never ask you to hang out until the last second. They’ll only give you an hour or two warning. They never plan to see you a week in advance. It’s always a last minute thing.

11. They never hold your hand in public. Strangers would have no idea that you’re a couple.

12. They never kiss you in public either. But as soon as you’re alone together, their hands are all over you.

13. They switch topics whenever the future comes up. They never want to discuss where your relationship is heading. They just want to live in the moment and have fun.

14. They also switch topics whenever relationship labels come up. They don’t want to consider you their official girlfriend/boyfriend because they don’t want to ‘complicate’ anything.

15. They never buy you presents for holidays — or even set aside time to see you on holidays. They don’t invite you along to family BBQs and weddings either.

16. They flirt with other people in front of you. And if you get upset about it, they act like they’ve done nothing wrong.

17. They leave inappropriate comments on other people’s posts and slide into their DMs. They aren’t afraid of you seeing their flirtatious behavior because they don’t consider your relationship all that serious.

18. They take ages to text back. Sometimes, they don’t bother to text you back at all. They’ll keep you waiting for days — or even weeks.

19. They commonly send one word answers to texts. Or they’ll send you emojis. Basically, they have no problem killing the conversation.

20. They never go out of their way to do nice things for you. They’re only around when it’s convenient. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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