Sometimes, You Won't Stay Friends With Your Exes

Sometimes, You Won’t Stay Friends With Your Exes

Sometimes, you won’t stay friends with your exes. Sometimes, you won’t even end on good terms with your exes. You might part ways never wanting to see each other again. You might end on a bad note where you’re both screaming and crying and blaming each other for mistakes that have been made.

Even though your relationship might have been perfect early on, you might not end up continuing your friendship after the romance dies. You might not be able to watch each other move on and date other people. You might not be able to last as just friends. And you might not even want to try.

Sometimes, relationships end on bad terms. Sometimes, the person you couldn’t imagine living life without is going to walk away without a glance back. Sometimes, you’re going to experience a hard switch from talking every single day to never speaking again.

That might sound depressing, but it’s not as bad as it seems. You’re always going to have your memories with this person. You’re never going to be able to take away what happened between the two of you in the past.

Unfortunately, sometimes, the only way to move on is to sever ties, to keep each other out of sight and out of mind. Sometimes, when you spend too much time together, you have trouble moving onto bigger and better things.

Even though there was a time when you assumed your relationship was going to last forever, sometimes, you’re only meant to remain in each other’s world for a short amount of time. Sometimes, you have to accept that your story has ended before either of you were ready.

As much as you miss your ex, you can’t force a friendship with them. You can’t expect them to be on board with the idea of hanging out on weekends when you’re no longer romantically involved. You can’t expect them to be cool with seeing you kiss other people, date other people, love other people. And you can’t expect yourself to be okay with that either.

You shouldn’t put yourself through hell to save your friendship. Loving them doesn’t mean you’re meant to stay in their life. If it hurts you to text them every single day when you know you’re never getting back together, then you should stop texting them. You shouldn’t place yourself in a situation you realize is unhealthy for you, just because you’re reluctant to walk away from them.

Saying goodbye to them now doesn’t mean saying goodbye to them forever. Sometimes, you both need a little bit of time to cool down after the breakup. Sometimes, you can make a friendship work after the dust settles and you both come to terms with what happened.

But other times, no matter how badly you miss each other, no matter how good of friends you were once upon a time, there’s no way you’re going to stay friends after the relationship ends. And that’s okay. That’s something you have to accept. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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