6 Signs You Shouldn't Bother Texting Him Again

6 Signs You Shouldn’t Bother Texting Him Again

1. Every time you text him, it ends in tears. Or stress. Or anger. Or disappointment. There’s no sense in going out of your way to talk to someone who isn’t rising to your expectations, who is making you feel worse about yourself instead of better. Instead of texting him, you should take a minute to think about whether the perfect version of him in your head is anything like the real life version of him. If he keeps coming up short, then maybe you should stop chasing him.

2. He never texts you back within a reasonable amount of time. He probably can’t answer his texts at work. And he probably has a thriving, busy life outside of you. But if this isn’t the first time he’s kept you waiting for days, if his sudden disappearance isn’t a one-time thing, then there’s no point in double texting him. If he wanted to talk to you, then he would talk to you. If he isn’t treating you as one of his priorities, then you shouldn’t waste any more of your time trying to capture his attention. Accept his silence and move on.

3. He can never keep a conversation going. Even when you send him full paragraphs, he sends you one-word answers,. Or he sends you emojis in place of actual words. You’ve tried your hardest to get conversations going, but he kills them within seconds. Some people are just bad texters, but if that’s not the case, do you really want to date someone you have trouble talking to? Do you really want to keep pursuing someone who isn’t piquing your interest? Even if you end up deciding to send him another text, you know the convo isn’t going to last long. You aren’t going to learn much more about him.

4. The only thing he wants to talk about is sex. It doesn’t matter whether you start the conversation out by talking about work or your family or your pets. Somehow, he’ll find a way to reroute the conversation to sex. He seems more concerned with hitting on you than actually engaging in deep, meaningful conversations with you. All of the compliments might feel flattering at first, but if he is only showing interest in your body, that’s probably because he wants to sleep with you, not date you.

5. He’s been posting freely on social media but hasn’t bothered to answer your latest texts. You shouldn’t have to beg for his attention. If he has his phone on him and hasn’t been answering you, it’s tempting to text him again (or post a cute selfie to get his attention). But you shouldn’t go out of your way to get him to notice you. You have plenty of other people you can text. You have plenty of other boys you can pursue.

6. Texting him makes you sick. Not the good kind of butterflies-in-your-stomach sick. The bad kind where you’re overthinking what to say because you can’t be yourself around him. It’s normal to be nervous around a crush, but there’s no point in chasing after him if you’re not at all comfortable with him. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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