When You Love Someone, You Have Full Transparency With Them

When You Love Someone, You Have Full Transparency With Them

When you love someone, you shouldn’t hide things from them in order to protect them. You shouldn’t lie about being fine, lie about everything in your world going well, in order to shield them from every bad thing that happens.

You’re supposed to act as a team. You’re supposed to tell each other everything. You aren’t supposed to hide problems because you’re worried about being a burden. Your person wants to be there to support you. They want to know what you’re going through. They don’t want to be left in the dark. They don’t want you to feel like you have to go through this world alone when they are right there.

When you love someone, you have full transparency with them. You tell them about your strengths and weaknesses. You confide in them about your successes and your failures. You talk to them about the good things that happened during your day and the bad things.

Your person doesn’t want you to suffer in silence. They don’t want to try to guess what has been on your mind because you refuse to share what’s been bothering you. They don’t want to feel like they’re being left out in the dark, like you don’t trust them enough to open up to them.

When you love someone, you go through your worst moments together, as a team. That’s part of being in a relationship. You enjoy the good times and you help each other through the rough times. You’re there for each other through better or worse.

When you love someone, you should be honest with them even when it’s hard, even when it makes you look bad, even when it makes you feel weak. You should never put on a tough guy act and claim you don’t need help from anybody else. You should never try to shoulder your burdens alone because you’re only making things harder on yourself – and you’re damaging your relationship in the process.

You don’t want your person to feel like they’re doing something wrong, like you don’t trust them, like you would rather push them away than be authentic with them. You don’t want your person to feel like they’re an outsider either, like they aren’t an important part of your world, like your issues aren’t any of their business. You don’t want to try so hard to protect your person from the shit you’re going through that you end up hurting them yourself.

When you love someone, you don’t pick and choose which parts of your day to tell them about, leaving out anything you know would make them concerned. You don’t dance around questions they ask you when you know they aren’t going to like the answers. You don’t hold information from them and then use phrases like well, technically I’m not lying.

When you love someone, you don’t hide things from them. You admit when something is bothering you. You go through your shittiest moments together – and you come out even stronger.  Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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