Taking Care Of Yourself Might Mean Dumping Him

Taking Care Of Yourself Might Mean Dumping Him

Sometimes, self-care means more than giving yourself a day off from work to de-stress. Sometimes, self-care means changing something monumental, something you aren’t excited about changing, something that is going to take a bucketload of courage to accomplish.

Sometimes, self-care means reducing the amount of toxic people in your world.

Sometimes, self-care means deleting someone you love from your social media, your cell contacts, and your life.

Sometimes, self-care means reducing the amount of drama that is brought to your table by the people surrounding you, the people who are supposed to want what is best for you.

Even though it’s a hard pill to swallow, you need to take a step back and admit taking care of yourself might mean dumping him. It might mean putting his toxic ways in the past so you can create a healthier future for yourself.

If you’ve been feeling miserable lately, you cannot continue on the same path. You need to take action. You need to make changes. You don’t want to rely on little fixes to make yourself feel better when there is a toxic presence in your world.

Small things might lift your mood for a short time, but a toxic person is always going to bring you back down again. They’re always going to cause an issue, always going to ruin any progress you feel like you’ve made.

Taking care of yourself might mean deciding your relationship has run its course. It might mean saying goodbye to someone you pictured spending a long time alongside.

No, it won’t be easy to remove him from your universe, but self-care isn’t always as simple as having a spa day. Sometimes, you need to make a major change in order to make yourself feel better.

Sometimes, you need to ask yourself whether the people in your life deserve to be in your life. Sometimes, you need to reevaluate the relationships you’ve made. Sometimes, you need to wonder whether the people around you are actually good for you or are a poison.

Even though you might spend a little time feeling worse after your toxic relationship ends, the pain is eventually going to fade away. One day, you’re going to realize you’re better off without him. One day, you’re going to feel more alive, more energized, more excited about what the future holds. One day, you’re going to be glad you took a risk and made yourself single again.

If you want to live a fulfilling life, you have to understand that somedays self-care means giving yourself a break from work or spending time with friends or indulging in your favorite foods. But other times, self-care is a little more complicated. It takes a little more effort. It takes a little more courage.

If you love yourself — or want to start learning how to love yourself more — then you need to practice self-care. You need to put your own emotions first for a change. You need to get rid of anyone who is causing you pain to make room for your own growth. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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