Read This Before You Text Back The Boy Who Already Broke Your Heart

Read This Before You Text Back The Boy Who Already Broke Your Heart

Before you text him back, ask yourself whether it’s a good idea. Ask yourself whether you’re going to regret admitting you miss him in the morning. Ask yourself whether your conversation is going to have a happy ending or whether it’s only going to prolong your heartache and make you miss him more.

Before you text him back, remind yourself relationships aren’t everything and healing takes time. Just because you’re feeling lonely right now, it doesn’t mean you should run back into his arms. Just because you aren’t sure whether you’re ever going to find someone else to love doesn’t mean you should settle for someone who has treated you like trash.

Before you text him back, remember you’re meant to keep your standards high. Remember you deserve someone who isn’t going to hurt you, someone who isn’t comfortable sneaking around behind your back, someone who isn’t interested in playing the field, someone who isn’t interested in stringing you along. Remember you deserve better than what he put you through in the past.

Before you text him back, ask yourself why you think he’s reaching out to you. Is it because he’s drunk? Is it because he’s trying to hook up with you? Is it because he’s coming to the realization no other girl is going to put up with his bullshit? If you think he has some sort of sketchy reason for reaching out to you, then you aren’t under any obligation to answer. He already screwed up. He already chased you away.

Before you text him back, take a second to replay what happened between the two of you in the past. Remember all of the lies he’s told. Remember all of the promises he’s broken. Remember all of the times he disappointed you and made you cry. Remember why you two separated in the first place. Don’t trick yourself into believing he was perfect for you when you know that isn’t the case. Stop thinking so highly of him. Remember all of the reasons why you should be glad you’re apart from him.

Before you text him back, think about how hard it was to get over him the first time. Think about how much harder it’s going to be for you to move forward if you keep in contact with him, if you answer that ‘harmless’ text. Think about whether or not it’s going to hurt you to have a conversation with him — because if it is, then it’s okay to ignore him. It’s okay to delete his message and go about your day without him.

You don’t owe him an answer. You don’t owe him your time. You don’t owe him any attention. You’re through with him now, which means you should be putting yourself first for a change. You should be asking yourself whether talking to him is good for your heart or the worst thing in the world.

Before you text him back, decide whether you really want to reopen old wounds. Decide whether you really want to risk getting your heart broken by him again. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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