9 Things That Are Going To Make Your Girlfriend Feel Unappreciated

9 Things That Are Going To Make Your Girlfriend Feel Unappreciated

1. Failing to voice your love for her. You might think she knows how you feel about her, but it never hurts to say the words aloud. You should tell her you care about her, you’re proud of her, you appreciate her, you want to spend the rest of your life with her. She can never hear those words enough.

2. Forgetting to say thank you. You might have stopped thanking her for making breakfast or washing the dishes since it’s become part of your routine — but you should never let her hard work go unappreciated. Remember to thank her for the little things, the daily things, the things that she does without expecting a thank you.

3. Ignoring her texts. She knows you aren’t always able to answer your phone within minutes — but she’s going to get annoyed if you answer your friends’ texts as soon as you get them when you never bother to answer her texts at all. It’s going to make her wonder whether she’s really your favorite person.

4. Refusing to put effort into anythingYou should put effort into planning dates. You should put effort into flirting with her. You should put effort into your appearance. You should put effort into the bedroom. You shouldn’t expect her to put effort into every area of your relationship while you sit there and enjoy it. You should be matching her effort to keep things equal.

5. Leaving her in the dark. She doesn’t want to be the last one to find out about what’s going on in your world. If you give your good (or bad) news to your mother, your best friends, and your coworkers before bringing it up to her, it’s not a good look for you. It makes it seem like she’s low on your list of priorities.

6. Failing to compliment her when she does something different with her hair/makeup/outfit. You don’t have to shower her with praise every second of the day, but you should pay enough attention to her to notice when she does something differently — and you should compliment her on it. She wants to know you still find her beautiful, even after all this time. She wants to know you’re still one-hundred percent invested in the relationship, in her.

7. Treating other women better than you treat her. Growing comfortable with her doesn’t mean you should stop trying to impress her, to flirt with her, to make her feel beautiful. You shouldn’t treat strangers better than you treat her. If anything, she’s the one who is supposed to get spoiled.

8. Half-listening when she’s talking to you. She doesn’t want to compete with your phone for your attention. She wants you to listen when she speaks, to care about what she’s saying. She doesn’t want to feel like you prefer her when she’s quiet, like the only thing you care about is her body.

9. Taking everything she does for granted. She shouldn’t have to wonder whether you appreciate her. She shouldn’t have to wonder whether all the effort she’s been putting into your relationship is worth it. She shouldn’t have to wonder whether you even care. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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