Your Forever Person Will Make Your Bad Days Easier

Your Forever Person Will Make Your Bad Days Easier

Just because you’re in a relationship doesn’t mean your life is perfect. You’re still going to have problems. You’re still going to be stressed. You’re still going to experience ups and downs. But when you’re with your forever person, they should make your bad days easier. They should listen to you vent. They should hand you tissues when you’re crying. They should hold you close and help you calm down when you’re fuming with anger.

Your forever person is supposed to be a primary part of your support system. They’re supposed to hear what you have to say. They’re supposed to help you in any way they can.

Your problems are also your forever person’s problems. You should go through the good times and the bad times together. You’re a team. You’re partners. Your forever person should never even consider leaving you alone and having you fend for yourself during a rough patch. Your forever person should be there for you, forever and always.

When you’re with your forever person, you should talk through your problems together. You should sit down and figure out what the right move to make is together. Ultimately, you’re your own person and you get to make your own choices, but since your choices impact each other you should communicate with each other. You should be transparent with each other.

You shouldn’t expect your life to magically start going according to plan now that you’re in a relationship. Dating someone isn’t the most important thing in the world. Even once you find your happily ever after, you’re still going to experience periods of intense sadness and disappointment and confusion. You’re still going to feel lonely and lost from time to time.

The only difference is now you have someone to navigate you through those emotions. You have someone you can spill your feelings to without worrying about being judged. You have someone who is going to help you get through whatever you’re experiencing because it hurts them to see you hurt. They can’t rest until you’re happy too.

When you’re with your forever person, getting through your worst days is a little bit easier because you know you have someone special waiting for you at home. You know your shitshow of a day is at least going to end in a hug and a kiss. You know you have someone on your side, no matter what, someone who is going to support you, encourage you, and continue to love you.

Your life is never going to be perfect. You’re never going to be one-hundred percent happy. But having your forever person around can make you a bit more comfortable on your off days.

When it comes down to it, your forever person isn’t going to be able to make your bad days disappear or solve your problems for you — but they will be around to make you feel better again. They will help you remember everything is going to be oaky. They will help you remember you’re beautiful, you’re wonderful, you’re worthwhile. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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