You'll Get Wasted When You Play This 'Breaking Bad' Drinking Game

You’ll Get Wasted When You Play This ‘Breaking Bad’ Drinking Game

If you’re a fan of Breaking Bad, then this year is full of good news. There’s a movie in the works about Jesse Pinkman’s life. Better Call Saul has received multiple Emmy nominations. And now, there’s not one, but two different alcoholic drinks based off the show.

One is Schraderbräu Beer, which was shown in actual episodes of Breaking Bad and is now being turned into a real product.

The other is Dos Hombres mezcal, which was created by Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul. They loved each other — and missed each other — so much that they decided to work on a new project together. And this one is tasty!

Here’s a Breaking Bad themed drinking game you can play while sipping on your Schraderbräu Beer or your Dos Hombres Mezcal (which you can find here). 

Drink every time you hear the word bitch. 

Drink every time Saul makes a joke no other characters find funny.

Drink every time Walt Junior eats breakfast.

Drink every time Hector rings a bell.

Drink every time Mike does not look amused.

Drink every time Hank corrects someone about rocks and minerals.

Drink every time Marie shows up wearing purple.

Drink every time Walt coughs.

Drink every time you hear the name Heisenberg.

Drink every time there’s a meth cooking montage.

Drink every time there’s a teaser about what’s going to happen later in the episode.

Drink every time Walt lies to his family.

Drink every time Hank misses an ‘obvious’ clue about his brother-in-law.

Drink every time Holly cries.

Drink every time someone smokes weed.

Drink every time Gus pretends to be a good guy in public.

Drink every time Skylar argues with Marie.

Drink every time Lydia drinks.

Drink every time a beautiful shot of the desert is shown.

Drink every time you say this is the greatest scene that has ever been on television. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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