Take A Risk On Love

Take A Risk On Love

When you take a risk on love, you’re saying screw you to all of the people who hurt you in the past. You’re making it clear the baggage they brought you hasn’t anchored you down. It hasn’t broken your spirit. Taking a risk on love proves you’re strong enough to love again, to let your vulnerable side show, to let your heart run loose.

When you take a risk on love, you’re taking a risk on yourself. You’re deciding you deserve a chance at happiness. You’re deciding there’s no reason why this person would turn you down. Even if you get rejected in the end, you should be proud of yourself for having the confidence to go after what you want. You should be happy you loved yourself enough to make a move.

When you take a risk on love, you’re escaping from your comfort zone. You’re taking a step forward instead of hovering in a safe place. Most people never have the courage to walk away from the familiar and embrace the unknown. Most people settle for an average, mediocre life instead of trying to create one that would make them feel fulfilled. That’s something you should brag about, that’s something special.

When you take a risk on love, you’re spreading kindness. Even if you don’t end up dating the other person, you’re paying them a remarkable compliment. You’re making them feel good about themselves. You’re making them feel seen and admired and valued. You’re giving their ego a boost it probably needs.

Stop hiding your feelings and be brave enough to wear your heart on your sleeve. If you never tell your person how you feel about them, then they’re never going to know how you feel about them. They’re going to have to guess what’s on your mind the same way you’ve been guessing what’s on their mind — and that never ends well. It’s much easier to spill your feelings than to play games for months on end. It’s much easier to air your emotions instead of keeping them trapped inside.

When you take a risk on love, you’re not going to regret it, so stop waiting for the right moment and text him now. Ask him to meet you for coffee. Ask him to spend some time at your place. Admit how you feel about him. Admit what you want from him. You might end up getting rejected, but it’s better than wondering bout the what ifs. It’s better than dwelling in your loneliness, than wondering if this person ever felt the same way about you, than living a life filled with regrets.

When you take a risk on love, you might end up getting your heart broken, but at least you’ll know where you stand with this person. At least you’ll know whether you’re on the same page. At least you’ll have permission to move on from them and find someone better, someone who would never dream of turning you down, someone who realizes what a catch you really are. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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