Stop Fighting For Your Relationship 

Stop Fighting For Your Relationship 

The idea of fighting for your relationship has given people the wrong idea.

Yes, if you’re best friends with your person and want the same type of future as your person and treat each other with complete and utter respect, then you should fight for the relationship. You should try to rebuild whatever is broken. You should stick around and work on coming to a compromise that will make your relationship last.

But if you’re not happy with them, if they treat you disrespectfully, if they want different things than you want, if you aren’t seeming to click, then you should break up with them. You shouldn’t prolong a relationship you know isn’t going to work in the long run. You shouldn’t stubbornly fight to keep the other person around when you know you’re better off without each other.

You shouldn’t fight for a relationship that is meant to end. You shouldn’t assume the right thing to do is to stick it out with this person, fight for this person, remain committed to this person.

If you feel like you have to stay in this relationship after everything you’ve been through together, then you could end up in a dangerous situation. You could end up with someone who treats you poorly and gets away with it because you refuse to even consider leaving.

Stop assuming you need to put your whole heart and soul into fixing a problematic relationship. Some people aren’t meant for each other. Some people are never going to make sense together, no matter how much effort is put into the relationship or how many years are invested into the relationship.

If you’re unhappy, if you aren’t getting what you need from your person, if you’re looking for a change, if your mental health is declining, then you don’t have to fight for your person. You don’t have to stay with them through it all. You’re not a quitter if you decide to break up. You’re not a bad person if you decide to break up.

Sometimes, breaking up is the answer. Sometimes, sticking around and fighting for the relationship is only going to cause more stress, drama, and heartache. It’s only going to force history to repeat itself over and over again.

When you love someone and things aren’t working out, take some time to think about what move is best for you. Fighting for the relationship might sound romantic, but it’s not always going to go well. If you two aren’t meant to be together for any longer, then fighting is only going to leave you exhausted. It’s going to drain your energy and break your heart.

Even though you might love this person, even though you might have had a lot of great years with this person, that doesn’t mean you need to fight for this person. Some people were meant to be in your past but aren’t meant to linger in your future. Some people should be walked away from, not fought for until you shatter. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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