For The Sensitive Girls Whose Good Mood Drops Quickly

For The Sensitive Girls Whose Good Mood Drops Quickly

When your mood drops quickly, it’s hard to tell whether you’re overreacting. It’s hard to tell whether the thing you’re getting upset about is worth getting upset about or whether you’re being unreasonable. It’s hard to to gauge when you should spill how you’re feeling to others and when you should hold your comments inside until your mood lifts again.

You’ve been guilty of texting friends long paragraphs about how miserable you are — and then regretting it because by the time they answer you back, you’re in an okay mood again. Your feelings have embarrassed you more times than you can count.

When your mood drops quickly, you get labeled as a pessimist, as a party pooper, as dramatic, and oversensitive. Some people feel like they have to tiptoe around you since the smallest thing can set you off — and that’s the last thing you want. You aren’t trying to cause issues. You aren’t trying to make a scene. You aren’t trying to hurt the people you love the most.

You feel everything intensely. Every emotion hits you hard. When you’re happy, you’re thrilled. When you’re upset, you’re devastated. Your emotions are always tipped far to one side. You feel in extremes, which is why you have such extreme reactions. Little things feel like the end of the world to you.

The worst part is, you’re self-aware. When you get upset over small things, you realize it’s ridiculous. You realize you shouldn’t let something so stupid impact you so much. But you can’t help yourself. You can’t control your emotions. You can’t control your own mind.

When your mood drops quickly, you develop a fear of intimacy, of commitment, of love. You worry about getting close to people because you know you are going to have a hard time coping if they abandon you, disappoint you, break your heart.

You can’t even imagine putting yourself through another breakup when you have enough trouble dealing with the slightest change in someone’s tone or a text that takes a little too long to be answered. You pay close attention to detail. You notice everything. And when there is the slightest change in someone’s behavior, you assume the worst. Your mood plummets before you know whether anything is actually wrong or whether it’s only a product of your imagination.

When your mood drops quickly, you have to try your best to hold onto the good moments because they never last for long. It feels like sometimes bad is always around the corner, something is always about to upset you. No matter how happy you are, the smallest thing will have the power to ruin your good mood — but instead of letting that upset you, you should let it inspire you to make the most of your happiness.

You shouldn’t sit around waiting for your mood to change again. You should be excited with where you are. You should learn to live in the moment. You should learn to enjoy your joy while it lasts. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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