7 Reminders For Anyone Who Is Sick And Tired Of Dating Apps

7 Reminders For Anyone Who Is Sick And Tired Of Dating Apps

1. The amount of matches you receive has no correlation to your value. Just because someone hasn’t swiped right on you in a while doesn’t mean you’re unattractive. Just because someone hasn’t asked you for drinks in a while doesn’t mean you’re going to end up alone. Dating apps can be a great way to boost your confidence when you’re in a rut, but you shouldn’t let them kill your confidence.

2. Change can be a good thing. Maybe you need to change the settings on your dating apps to look for someone who’s a little older or lives a little further away. Or maybe you need to delete whichever dating app you’ve been using and switch to a different one. If something isn’t working, remember you can always try a different route. Or just take a break from dating apps altogether. If it’s causing you more stress than excitement, press that delete button.

3. A relationship isn’t the most important thing in the world. Your career, your friendships, your passions, and your soft heart are far more important than your relationship status. You don’t need a boyfriend or girlfriend to make you feel special. You should give yourself all the love you need.

4. Not everyone sucks. Sometimes it might seem like you’re running out of options, like there’s no one out there who will fit your specific brand of weirdness, but that’s not the truth. You have to stay patient. Not everyone is going to disappoint you. Not everyone is going to ghost you, lie to you, and shatter your heart. Some people are going to see your worth and appreciate your beauty.

5. Failure is a beautiful thing. Don’t get discouraged. You should think of your failed matches as a good thing. The more people you weed out, the easier it will be to spot the person who is right for you. Besides, it’s good to figure out what kind of person you admire and what kind of person annoys you. Each one of your matches is teaching you something.

6. You’re not falling behind. You shouldn’t rush into a relationship because you’re the last one in your family or your friend group who hasn’t settled down yet. You shouldn’t feel peer pressured to reach such an important milestone. You should reach it at your own time. You should be more concerned with finding someone who makes you happy, not someone who might make you a Mrs.

7. You don’t have to meet someone over a dating app. You can date the old fashioned way — by introducing yourself to complete strangers in person. This weekend, try going out to a different restaurant than usual with your friends. Buy someone a drink. Ask someone to dance. Or simply compliment them as you walk past them to use the bathroom and see whether they come up to your table later with their phone number. You don’t have to stick to finding love over the phone. You can find it in the real world too.

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