Here’s The Truth About Letting Him Go: You Don’t Want To, But You Must

7 Things You Should Never Do To The Girl Who Has Given You Everything

1. Get annoyed with her the one time she doesn’t rush to your side. She has a life of her own. Most days, she makes sure to treat you as a priority. She makes sure you realize how much you’re loved. But on the rare occasions when she is too busy with her own problems to come rushing to your aid when you call, don’t make her feel bad. Don’t complain about how you can’t rely on her. Give her a break. Give her a chance to breathe.

2. Take and take without giving anything in return. She’s a giver, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t deserve to receive anything in return. She would never ask for you to help her out in the same ways she always helps you, but she would appreciate you volunteering your help. She would appreciate the tables being turned every once in a while. She would appreciate being pampered too.

3. Go too many days without thanking her. She doesn’t expect much, but the least you could do is thank her for all of the favors she does, all of the compliments she gives, all of the sacrifices she makes. Letting her know she’s seen — and appreciated — will mean the world to her. It will remind her the hard work she puts in every single day hasn’t been for nothing.

4. Cheat on her. You don’t get to sleep around behind her back and still get the benefits of being her boyfriend. It doesn’t work that way. If she knew you weren’t interested in a committed, monogamous relationship, she could have stopped wasting so much energy on you and spent it on someone who would actually appreciate her.

5. Act like you deserve praise for putting in the smallest amount of effort. She has done so much for you. She’ll be happy if you plan out a date for the first time in years, but don’t expect to get too much credit for something you’ve done once when you’ve never given her credit for doing it hundreds of times. She’ll appreciate the gesture, but she’s not going to bow down to you over something you should have been doing all along.

6. Demand more from her. She’s already given you everything she has to give. If you still feel like she isn’t doing enough, if you’re going to make her feel bad even though she puts herself through hell for you, then you shouldn’t be together. You should give her a chance to find someone who is going to appreciate everything she does in a day.

7. Accuse her of never actually caring about you once she leaves. When she finally comes to her senses and realizes you aren’t putting nearly as much effort into the relationship, don’t turn around and start making her feel bad. She stayed with you for long enough — and while she was around, she did everything for you. So don’t you dare act like she never cared. Don’t you dare act like she’s doing something wrong by leaving when you’ve never given her a good enough reason to stay. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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