Things Your Boyfriend Doesn’t Realize You’re Doing Because You’re Afraid To Lose Him

11 Things Your Boyfriend Doesn’t Realize You’re Doing Because You’re Afraid To Lose Him

 1. You keep grilling him about his exes. You’re worried about whether he’s happier now than he’s been in the past. You’re worried about whether you measure up to his standards. You’re worried about whether he feels like he took a step up or a step down by dating you.

2. You freak out whenever the tiniest thing goes wrong. You’re afraid he’s going to leave you over one of your screwups. You’re afraid the smallest argument is going to escalate into a breakup. You’re afraid any type of confrontation is going to be the death of your relationship.

3. You text him constantly. You’re not trying to suffocate him or come across as clingy. You simply want to check in on him. You want to remind him you care. You want him to know you’re always going to be there for him. You’re not going anywhere.

4. You act overprotective. You get jealous easily. You don’t like when people encroach upon your ‘territory’. If someone texts your boyfriend a little too late at night or touches him a little too much when you go out for drinks, you’re going to get upset.

5. You keep asking whether he loves you. You’re terrified he’s going to wake up and decide to leave you, which is why you can never hear those three little words enough. You need daily reassurance of his feelings. You want to make sure he still loves you as much today as he did the day before.

6. You keep asking whether anything is wrong. You want to make sure you’re still making him happy. You want to make sure he’s still comfortable in the relationship. You want to make sure you aren’t missing anything.

7. You spend hours getting ready for dates. You want to look your best for him. You want to impress him. You want him to be excited about being seen with you.

8. You act like you’re fine when you’re not. You don’t want to start any drama. You don’t want to come across as a complainer. You keep quiet about your problems because you don’t want to ruin your time with him by being pessimistic.

9. You let him make most of the decisions. You make sacrifices for him. You let him do whatever he wants. You care more about whether he’s happy than whether you’re happy. 

10. You sleep with him as much as possible. You know this isn’t the right reason to sleep with someone, but you want to make him happy, and this seems like a good way to accomplish that.

11. You let him get away with treating you less than perfect. You don’t want to complain about how you wish he would text back faster or make more time to see you because you don’t want to scare him away. You don’t want to upset him. So you settle for less than you deserve. You let him get away with more than he should. You treat him more like a king on a throne than an equal partner. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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