You're Hurting Yourself More And More Every Time You Text Him

You’re Hurting Yourself More And More Every Time You Text Him

You know he’s bad for you. You know how stressed out you get every time you press send on that first text he might not even answer. You know how hard your heart beats whenever you hear your phone chime and how fast your stomach sinks when you realize his name isn’t the one on the screen.

Why are you putting yourself through the same pain again and again? On the off chance he decides to hold a conversation with you for more than five minutes? Just in case he pays you a compliment or invites you over for a few hours before he goes missing in action again for three weeks?

You’re hurting yourself more and more every time you text him. You might tell yourself it’s not a big deal, it’s only a text, it’s not the end of the world if he ignores you — but you know you’re lying to yourself. You know how much this ‘simple’ text means to you.

You know you’re not going to be able to concentrate on anything until he answers you back. When five minutes pass, you’re going to wonder whether he saw your text and is ignoring you. When ten minutes pass, you’re going to wonder whether he made an active decision not to answer. When thirty minutes pass, you’re going to start hating yourself for sending the text in the first place. You’re going to get self-conscious and insecure. You’re going to freak yourself out.

You shouldn’t chase after someone who makes you question your value. You shouldn’t let a guy make you feel like you aren’t smart enough, funny enough, cute enough, or talented enough. You shouldn’t allow your day to be ruined because some random person doesn’t realize how lucky he is to get a message from you.

The next time you’re tempted to text him, take a second to think about the way his response (or lack of response) is going to impact you. If he always ends conversations after two or three texts, making you feel like you’ve done something wrong, you probably shouldn’t waste your energy trying to come up with a conversation starter.

If he has a bad habit of ignoring your messages for weeks at a time, you probably shouldn’t bother putting any more of your time into him.

If talking to him only makes you happy for the five minutes he’s actually answering you — and then makes you miserable for five days when he’s ignoring you again — then he’s probably not worth your effort. You should probably move on.

You’re hurting yourself more and more every time you text him. When you obsess over whether or not he answers you, you’re giving him power over you. You’re giving him the opportunity to ruin your day without even lifting a finger.

Do yourself a favor and put down your phone. Or at least text someone who is more reliable than him, someone who makes you feel good about yourself, someone who makes you feel like you matter. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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