When You’re Insecure, It Can Slowly Push Your Forever Person Away

When You’re Insecure, It Can Slowly Push Your Forever Person Away

When you’re insecure, you get jealous easily. You feel uncomfortable when your person hangs out with another girl, texts another girl, looks at another girl. The quickest interaction can make you jealous, because you automatically assume everyone else is a threat.

You have a bad habit of making comparisons. You scroll through Instagram pictures of actresses, influencers, and models. You stalk your person’s exes online. You torture yourself with comparisons. You see the best in everyone else and only the worst in yourself.

When you’re insecure, you suffer from trust issues. You assume your person is going to leave you because you don’t understand why they’re with you in the first place. You don’t understand why they would choose you over the rest of their options. You assume it’s only a matter of time until they wake up and realize they made a mistake by committing to you. You assume someday soon they’re going to leave you for someone else.

When you’re insecure, you accidentally start drama. You have imaginary arguments with your person in your head, and sometimes they escalate into real life fights. Sometimes you accuse them of things without any proof. Sometimes you let your insecurities overshadow how much they love you. Sometimes you can’t see yourself the way they see you because you are too busy tearing yourself to pieces.

When you’re insecure, you get emotional easily. You cry easily. You break down easily. The smallest things can make your heart drop and ruin your entire day. You don’t want to experience such wide mood swings, but you can’t help yourself. You’re a sensitive soul. You feel more intensely than most people.

When you’re insecure, you act like a pessimist. You never get too excited about a new relationship, because you assume the worst case scenario is going to happen. You assume you’re going to get ghosted. You assume you’re going to get turned down. You assume you’re going to get your heart broken once again.

When you’re insecure, you come across as needy. You need constant reassurance your person still loves you. Even if you have been with them for years and should feel comfortable by now, you still need them to remind you they aren’t going anywhere. The fact that they’re a permanent piece of your world still hasn’t sunk in.

When you’re insecure, you settle for less than you deserve. You get into the wrong relationships and chase after the wrong people. You don’t realize what you’re worth, so you end up with people who treat you as terribly as you treat yourself.

When you’re insecure, you spend a lot of time living in the past. You’re still stuck on how ‘ugly’ you were in high school or how the first person you loved rejected you or how your ex cheated on you. You have a hard time looking in the mirror and accepting you’re not the same person you used to be. You’ve changed. You’ve grown. You’ve become even more beautiful.

When you’re insecure, it can ruin relationships. It can create distance between you and your person. It can make you feel unlovable when that isn’t the case at all. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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