Love A Work In Progress

Love A Work In Progress

Instead of looking for someone who has their life together, someone who is sure of themselves, someone who is a completed project, you should love a work in progress.

Works in progress are not blinded to their flaws. They are not cocky. They are not under the impression they are perfect. They recognize their faults. They know which traits are toxic. They know what they need to fix about themselves and are actively working on a solution.

Works in progress are not willing to settle. They refuse to remain in the same place. They resist staying inside their comfort zones. They have their hearts set on branching outwards, on bettering themselves, on becoming the ultimate version of themselves.

Works in progress are not a stranger to effort. They put in effort every single day. Sometimes, they don’t end up reaching their goals, but that doesn’t stop them from picking themselves up and trying again. They are resilient. They are dedicated. They are passionate. They are persistent.

Works in progress consider themselves a priority. They won’t let their mental health fall into the background. They won’t keep pushing themselves toward the brink of exhaustion. They realize they aren’t going to be able to care for their loved ones properly if they self-destruct. They make a point to practice self-love. They make a point to take care of themselves.

Works in progress are non-judgemental. They aren’t going to look down on you for your baggage, your insecurities, your fears, your weaknesses. They are going to be understanding of your mistakes. They are going to accept your imperfections as long as you’re willing to work on your imperfections.

Works in progress are strong. Even though they have been through a lot, they haven’t given up faith on themselves. They are still trudging forward. They are still trying their hardest. They haven’t let the world get them down. They are optimistic, even after everything they have seen.

Works in progress are vulnerable. They don’t hide behind a mask. They don’t pretend they are perfect. They admit to their shortcomings. They wear their hearts on their sleeves. They speak their feelings out into the open. They are brave enough to show their sensitivity.

Works in progress are always looking forward. They don’t dwell on the mistakes they’ve made in the past. They don’t spend too much time worrying about yesterday. They are more focused on tomorrow. They are more concerned with what they could accomplish in the future than what they’ve failed at in the past. 

Works in progress don’t give up easily. If there is a speed bump in your relationship, they will work through it with you. They won’t run. They won’t quit. They will put as much effort into your relationship as they have been putting into themselves.

Fall in love with a work in progress because perfection is only a myth. Instead of dating someone who thinks they are fine exactly the way they are, you should date someone who wants to grow, to learn, to expand, to blossom. You should date someone dedicated to bettering themselves. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Holly is the author of Severe(d): A Creepy Poetry Collection.

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