Cheaters Are Good At Giving Apologies

Cheaters Are Good At Giving Apologies

Cheaters are good at making you feel sorry for them. They can twist any situation in order to make themselves sound like the victim. They can turn on the waterworks. They can spend hours expressing what a rough childhood they had, how much stress they have been under lately, and how much it hurts them that everyone leaves them in the end. Cheaters know how to elicit sympathy. They know which buttons to push. They know how to manipulate your emotions, how to turn you from furious to somewhat understanding.

Cheaters are good at giving apologies. They are good at giving compliments. They are good at falling to their knees and graveling for your forgiveness because you’re the best thing that has ever happened to them and they wouldn’t be able to live with themselves if they lost you. Cheaters know exactly what you need to hear. They know what words are going to soften you up. They know how to tug at your heartstrings.

Cheaters are good at keeping secrets. They’re good at covering their tracks. They’re good at lying straight to your face. Even when you suspect them of fooling around behind your back, they can convince you nothing actually happened. They can make you feel secure in the relationship, like you have nothing to worry about, like you’re their only one. They know how to make themselves seem innocent.

Cheaters are good at making you doubt yourself. They are good at gaslighting. They are good at bending reality to fit their own narrative. They can make you feel guilty about reading through their texts or trying to guess the password to their email. They can make you feel silly for wondering whether they had your back. They can make you second guess every thought that runs through your head.

Cheaters are good at conning you into giving second chances. They will swear they will never repeat their mistakes. They will look you dead in the eyes and promise it will be different this time. They will make you believe their latest mistake has knocked sense into them. They will trick you into thinking they’ve learned, they’ve grown, they’ve become a better person in order to earn your love.

Cheaters are good at pretending they’ve changed. For at least a little while, they can act like they’ve matured. They can surprise you with flowers and planned dates. They can spend every waking moment dedicated to making you happy. They can make it seem like they’ve made major life changes. They can fool you into believing they’re back to being the sweetheart you first met. But that charade only lasts for a little while.

Cheaters are good at convincing you to stay, getting you to trust them again, and screwing you over in the same exact way they did before. They are good at repeating the same cycle again and again. For as long as you stay, for as long as you let them get away with their behavior, history is going to repeat itself. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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