Bad Habits That Make It Harder For Me To Find Love

10 Bad Habits That Make It Harder For Me To Find Love

1. I have low self-esteem. It’s hard for me to take compliments seriously — especially when they’re about my looks. I have trouble believing anyone would ever find me attractive. Even when someone is giving me a million signals they’re interested in me, I decide I must be imagining things.

2. I am soft, gooey, and emotional. It doesn’t take much to hurt my feelings. I get my heart bruised like a peach. Whenever someone hurts me, I’m always told it’s not that big of a deal and I shouldn’t care about anyone who doesn’t care about me — but it’s hard to turn off my emotions. It’s hard not to care.

3. I read too much into every little detail. I overanalyze texts and tones. I always try to guess what people are thinking because I assume there is a hidden layer of meaning beneath the words that are actually coming out of their mouths. Even if I had a nice time with someone, I can’t leave well enough alone. I’ll run the conversation through my head again and again and again to see if there’s something I missed.

4. I don’t know how to play it cool. I don’t know how to hide what I’m thinking. I can never come off as mysterious or low-key because every emotion is written across my face.

5. I get attached easily. It doesn’t take much for me to fall for someone. They could simply hold the door open for me and I’ll be smitten. Anyone who gives me the slightest amount of attention will immediately be placed on a pedestal. I’m a sucker for kindness.

6. I suck at small talk. My idea of flirting is making eye contact with someone cute and hoping they approach me. I rarely make the first move because I have nothing to say. Initiating conversations is an art I’ve never been able to master.

7. I’m a workaholic. I don’t have much spare time in my schedule to go out on dates. Whenever I get a day off, I spend it sleeping because I’m exhausted from everything I’ve been running around doing. I’ve made work my priority, which means love has been pushed to the background.

8. I’m a people pleaser. It’s hard for new people to get a good read on me, because I go along with whatever they want to do. I let them choose movies and restaurants. I act like anything is fine with me in order to make them happy. Unfortunately, that means I’m getting to know their thoughts and opinions without giving them the chance to learn anything about me.

9. I’m a planner. I have a rough time going with the flow. I want to know what the week has in store for me ahead of time. I don’t like to set up plans at the last second. I’m not as spontaneous as most dates would like me to be.

10. I assume I’m going to be alone forever. My pessimism convinces me to stay inside my comfort zone because I’m never going to find love anyway. It talks me out of flirting. It encourages me to stay home. It makes it harder for me to find love. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Holly is the author of Severe(d): A Creepy Poetry Collection.

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