What No One Tells You About Getting Engaged To Your Forever Person

What No One Tells You About Getting Engaged To Your Forever Person

When you get engaged, it’s not all ring selfies and pink champagne.

When you get engaged, people are going to get sensitive about the decisions you make. Friends are going to be offended to learn they aren’t invited, aren’t in the wedding party, aren’t your best man or maid of honor. You’re going to have to find a way to navigate their emotions even though it’s your wedding and you’re the one who is supposed to be emotional.

When you get engaged, people you haven’t spoken to in years will come out of the woodwork to ask you about the wedding, assuming they’re invited. Other people will try to tell you who should be placed on the guest list. They will try to guilt you into inviting toxic people from your past you stopped talking to and distant family members you forgot existed in the first place. They will claim they know what’s best for you and get pushy with you, even though you’re the one paying and you’re the one who gets the final say.

When you get engaged, you will learn how ridiculous wedding prices actually are. You’ve heard the stories and the complaints, but you never fully realize how much average couples shell out until you start looking at floral arrangements and catering menus. You’re going to have to rearrange your Pinterest board and sacrifice some of your cinema-sized dreams. When it comes to wedding planning, you’re going to have to get creative, otherwise you’re going to go broke.

When you get engaged, you’re going to become the person you swore you would never be. Friends will catch you staring at your ring finger. They will listen patiently as you blab about the proposal and the wedding planning. But you won’t be able to help yourself because the average wedding takes 200-300 hours to plan. It’s something you’ll (hopefully) only do once, so it’s natural to want to share the process with the people you love the most, even if you’ve never been the mushy sentimental type before.

When you get engaged, some of the reactions you receive are going to be unexpected. Sure, there are going to be people who try to control your decisions, who criticize every decision you make, or who don’t seem to care about your wedding at all. But there are going to be a surprising amount of people who are genuinely excited for you, who are happy to see you happy. You are going to realize more people care about you than you realize. More people actually give a shit than you ever thought possible.

When you get engaged, there are a million little annoyances, but you don’t care too much about what other people think. You don’t let the stress get to you too much. You make sure to enjoy the moment as much as you can because you’re going to marry your best friend. You’re going to spend forever with your person — and no one else can take that away from you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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