When You Love Someone, You Tell Them When You’re Upset With Them

When You Love Someone, You Tell Them When You’re Upset With Them

When you love someone, you shouldn’t hold back your tears in order to seem like you’re fine. You shouldn’t avoid talking about serious topics because you are worried about sparking an argument. You shouldn’t bottle up your emotions because you are nervous to tell them what you want from them, what you need from them, what you expect from them.

If you keep your comments to yourself, tiny little things that annoy you can blossom into full-blown resentments. A minor problem you two could have resolved in a matter of minutes could escalate into an issue that causes a breakup.

When you love someone, you have to be blunt with them. You shouldn’t give them the silent treatment until they guess what is bothering you. You shouldn’t expect them to read your mind. You should sit them right down to talk out your feelings, to express what has been going through your mind, because they are never going to guess. Playing games is only a waste of your time. It will only prolong the argument. It will only give your anger a chance to build and build until you explode.

When you love someone, the last thing you want to do is make them feel bad about themselves, but you have to let them know when you are upset with them, when you are angry with them, when you are annoyed with them. You have to give them the truth even when it hurts — but do so in a mature, respectful manner. You shouldn’t start screaming at them. You shouldn’t start making accusations. You shouldn’t disrespect them because you wouldn’t like it if they did the same to you.

You should aim to get your point across without acting too combative, too stubborn, too passionate, because they probably never meant to hurt you. They probably didn’t even realize you were hurt until you said something. That is why you have to speak up. You have to be upfront about your emotions.

If you pretend everything is fine when you are secretly annoyed, then your person will never realize they’ve done something wrong. They will continue to make the same mistakes again and again because they won’t realize it was a mistake.

You might think you are helping the relationship by letting problems slide, but you are actually doing yourself a disservice. You shouldn’t hold back your emotions because you are worried about causing drama or starting a fight. You should release those emotions in order to improve your relationship, in order to grow stronger as a team.

If you are dating someone who doesn’t want to hear it when you are upset, then you shouldn’t be dating them at all.

In order to make a relationship last, you have to have some hard conversations. You have to be vulnerable with each other. You have to communicate. Otherwise, you are going to end up on two completely different pages. Otherwise, you are going to grow apart and won’t even realize it’s happening until it’s too late. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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