Just Because She Stopped Fighting For You Does Not Mean She Has Stopped Loving You

Just Because She Stopped Fighting For You Does Not Mean She Has Stopped Loving You

Don’t make the mistake of thinking she stopped fighting for you because she found someone else, because she got bored of you, because she fell out of love with you. She stopped fighting because she fought for so long already. She is exhausted. She cannot fight anymore.

Even though she spent a long time pretending your relationship could work out, she is wise enough to know when it’s time to let go. If you were paying attention, you would have seen this coming. You would have seen how unhappy she has grown.

You cannot throw a fit about her leaving, you cannot accuse her of not caring, when she was the one who has been fighting for the relationship all along and you have been the one letting it decay. You cannot suddenly start caring about her the moment you realize you are losing her.

You cannot blame her for leaving because you pushed her away. You pushed and pushed, assuming she was never going to break. But everyone has a breaking point.

When she stops fighting, it does not mean she has stopped loving you. It does not mean she is happy about leaving you. It does not mean she is a quitter. It means she has stopped keeping her standards low. It means she has stopped accepting the minimum amount. It means she realizes she deserves better.

Love is not enough to keep someone around — especially when you are only claiming you love them without acting on those feelings. A relationship needs effort to survive. It needs respect. It needs constant attention.

When she stops fighting for you, you have already lost her. Yes, she might still love you. Yes, she might feel horrible about leaving you behind when she once thought you were her forever. But she is not going to keep allowing you to walk over her. She is not going to stick around in the hopes you will change, because you already proved you are unwilling to change.

She shouldn’t have to walk out the door in order to knock sense into you. You shouldn’t have to lose her to realize how much she means to you. You should have realized that from the start. You should have treated her with respect from the start.

Don’t make this harder on her by saying she could have done more, she could have fought longer. She fought long enough — and she shouldn’t have even needed to fight in the first place. You should have handed her your love freely. You should have given her attention without being convinced.

You have to understand, she isn’t leaving to spite you. She isn’t leaving to make you look bad. She is leaving, because she is not going to put herself through hell anymore. She is not going to settle for less than she deserves anymore.

She deserves to find someone who puts as much effort into the relationship as she does. She deserves someone who meets her in the middle instead of expecting her to carry the entire relationship on her back. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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