Find A Woman Who Is Working On Loving Herself 

Find A Woman Who Is Working On Loving Herself– And Admits It 

Find A Woman Who Is Working On Loving Herself

Don’t buy into the myth a woman cannot love you until she loves herself first. Self-love is a work in progress. It is a never-ending procedure. She might be struck with a burst of confidence one day and a burst of insecurity the next day. You cannot judge her for having trouble with her reflection, with her baggage, with her self-worth.

Instead of looking for a woman who is confident twenty-four seven, a woman without any worries, keep your eyes out for a woman who is working on loving herself. A woman who has her fair share of bad days but never lets them get her down for long. A woman who is putting as much effort into self-care as she is putting into your relationship.

Remember: Whether or not she loves herself has nothing to do with the amount she is capable of loving you. In her eyes, you are perfect. You are sweet. You are good humored and heartfelt — and hot. Loving you is easy. Loving herself is much more complicated.

Find A Woman Who Shows You Her Real, Raw Messy Sides

Find a woman who is unapologetic about her feelings. A woman who is transparent with you. A woman who tells you how she feels before you walk over to ask. A woman who is opposed to mixed signals and millennial guessing games. A woman who refuses to put on a fake smile and play pretend. A woman who is upfront with you. Always.

Find a woman who breaks down crying in front of you instead of disappearing into the other room to make you more comfortable. Find a woman who gives you the complicated details about what she’s been through before meeting you. Find a woman who gives you direct answers to questions, even when you are having a difficult conversation, because she trusts you with the truth.

Find a woman who realizes she has bad habits she needs to break and fears she needs to overcome — but actually puts effort into bettering herself. Find a woman who is constantly trying to learn, to grow, to become a better version of the woman she was yesterday.

Find A Woman Who Is Struggling To Get Her Shit Together — And Admits It

Find a woman who struggles to balance her career and her social life, but still finds the time to check in on her friends when they need her.

Find a woman who has trouble waking up without hitting the snooze button, but still makes it to work on time each morning.

Find a woman who doesn’t have a clue what she’s doing, but is still doing pretty well regardless.

Find a woman who is self-aware, who admits to her weaknesses, who realizes she has a long way to go but doesn’t give a damn because she is doing her best. She is working on herself, putting effort into creating a successful life for herself. She might not always get it right, but hey, at least she is trying. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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