Stop Running Back To Ex-Boyfriends Who Haven't Changed

Stop Running Back To Ex-Boyfriends Who Haven’t Changed

If the relationship failed the first time, what makes you think it will work the second time? If he cheated on you, lied to your face, or made you feel worthless, why would you assume he has changed?

Unless he has shown growth through actions, he is probably the same exact guy who shattered your heart. You cannot assume he is going to treat you any better in the future just because he says, “Things will be different this time.” He broke promises before. He could easily break them again.

Begging to have you back does not mean he deserves to have you back. He might be sobbing about how he lost the greatest thing that ever happened to him right now — but once you give him a second chance, once he feels comfortable with you again, he could go right back to treating you like shit.

Stop and think before you get excited about his I can’t stop thinking about you texts. Missing each other does not mean you are meant to date each other.

Sometimes, keeping your distance is the best thing you can do for your healing heart. Sometimes, you aren’t supposed to try again.

Stop going out on a limb to fix a broken relationship when you should be busy trying to move on. Even though you are a giver, even though you have a hard time holding a grudge, you should not always listen to your gut. Sometimes, you should listen to your head. You should listen to reason.

Even though your good memories keep flashing through your head, tempting you to reunite with him, you cannot forget about the bad memories.

You cannot forget he hurt you. He made you cry. He made you question your inner value. He did not realize how lucky he was to have you. Do you really want to spend more time on someone like him?

Even though you desperately want to believe he has changed, try to look at the situation without blinders. Has enough time passed for him to change? Has he shown signs he has changed? Or are you just taking his word for it?

Don’t let your heart lead you astray. Don’t let your impulsiveness trick you into making a decision you will come to regret.

Instead of making a split second choice, take the time to ask yourself whether you are better off risking a relationship with him again or whether you should move onto better things. Take your time. Take as much time as you need. If he leaves during the wait, you have your answer.

The harsh truth is, even though you love him, it does not mean you should be in contact with him.

Stop putting yourself in situations where you are bound to get hurt. Stop retreating into your past because you are afraid of the future. Stop running back to ex-boyfriends who clearly haven’t changed.

Your exes are not the only guys who will ever pay attention to you, who will ever show interest in you, who will ever consider dating you. There are other men out there — and you don’t even need a man. You can thrive on your own. You can thrive without your ex. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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