You’re Not A Mind Reader, But She Shouldn’t Have To Ask For Flowers

She Knows You’re Not A Mind Reader, But She Shouldn’t Have To Ask For Flowers

She understands you can’t read her mind. She understands she should communicate with you, she should tell you what she wants, she should tell you what she needs.

Of course, getting flowers is not as exciting when she has to ask for them. Getting a new necklace is not as special when she has to direct you to the jewelry counter. Having a three course dinner is not as romantic when she had to plan the entire thing.

Even though you cannot read her mind, you can make some pretty good assumptions once you are in a serious, committed relationship. She wants attention. She wants little gestures of love. She wants reminders you care.

She does not always want to be the one who plans dates, who picks movies, who chooses restaurants. Once in a while, she wants you to set plans of your own. She wants you to take initiative. She wants you to woo her the same way you used to back when you were first getting to know each other.

As cliche as it sounds, it’s the thought that counts. You don’t have to pick a perfect place. You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars. You don’t have to stress yourself out over every detail. You just have to put in effort. You have to show her she is worth your time and attention.

You should not need an excuse to show her how much you care about her. You should not wait until holidays to spoil her. You should not wait until milestones to say those three little words. You should not save your romantic gestures for Valentine’s Day and birthdays. You should put effort into your relationship every single day of the year.

That doesn’t mean you have to perform grand gestures in order to keep her interested. Little surprises can be the cutest surprises. Her favorite candy bar. A card. A kiss on the forehead.

You are in love with her. You should know what she wants by now. You should know whether she would prefer a gift certificate for a spa or a tattoo parlor. You should know whether she would be happier with a bottle or wine or six-pack of beer. You should know how to make her happy — and if you are confused, if you need clarification, ask her. Ask her what she wants. Ask her what would excite her. Ask her how she wants to spend her weekends.

Most of the time, she is going to be happy to point you in the right direction. She is going to tell you exactly how she feels. She understands you’re not a mind reader. She understands communicating with you is going to save her a lot of trouble.

Of course, some things shouldn’t have to be said aloud. She shouldn’t have to tell you she wants your attention. She shouldn’t have to tell you she wants to feel loved. She shouldn’t have to tell you to put effort into the relationship. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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