Find Yourself A Forever Person Who Supports You Through Your Breakdowns

Find Yourself A Forever Person Who Supports You Through Your Breakdowns

Stop dating guys who call you overemotional whenever you get upset, guys who roll their eyes and tell you that you’re making a big deal over nothing.

Stop dating guys who treat your emotions like a burden, who could not care less about your problems unless those problems directly impact them.

Stop dating guys who look at you like you are psychotic whenever your eyes tear up, guys who leave the room when you go through a meltdown because they don’t want to be around you until you’re in a good mood again.

Find yourself a forever person who supports you through your breakdowns. He doesn’t have to understand why you’re upset. He only has to be supportive. He has to hold you close. He has to remind you to breathe. He has to reassure you everything is going to be okay — in a soothing way, not a condescending one.

Stop dating guys who find a way to turn your emotions around on you, guys who hear about you being upset with them and find a way to get upset at you.

Stop dating guys who disrespect your feelings, who make you feel like you don’t have a right to complain.

Stop dating guys who you feel like you have to tiptoe around in order to avoid starting another argument, guys who you end up hiding secrets from because you know they would never be able to understand.

Find yourself a forever person who encourages you to express how you are feeling even when it’s hard for him to hear. Find someone who checks in on you to make sure you are okay on a daily basis because your happiness matters to him as much as his own. Find someone who doesn’t expect you to put on an act and say I’m fine to keep the conversation light. Find someone who actually wants to know the details about what you’ve been going through because he wants to help you in any small way he can.

Stop dating guys who think you are being unreasonable every time you have an opinion that doesn’t align with their own.

Stop dating guys who are only interested in the best sides of you, guys who want you to save the drama for somebody else.

Stop dating guys who make you feel like your emotions are invalid, like there is something wrong with you for having a heart instead of being cold and robotic.

Find someone who listens to you vent, who holds you when you cry, who shows up on your doorstep when he hears you are upset. Find someone who understands life is not always easy, love is not always easy, relationships are not always easy. Find someone who takes your worries seriously.

Stop dating guys who want you to be happy all the time, who run away as soon as you start showing your vulnerable side. Hold out for your forever person, for the one who sticks around even when things get dark. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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