Times My Almost Relationships Ended Before Becoming Official

6 Times My Almost Relationships Ended Before Becoming Official

1. We never became official because he ended up dating someone else. He blindsided me by getting another girlfriend. I was completely thrown off, completely heartbroken, because I hadn’t seen any warning signs. He was the only guy I was interested in dating, the guy I had been putting all of my time and effort into pursuing. I assumed he felt the same way about me. I assumed I was the only girl he was texting, the only girl he was complimenting and cuddling. Apparently I was wrong. Apparently there was at least one other girl. Apparently, he liked her more than he ever liked me.

2. We never became official because he ghosted me. I still have no idea why he walked away. One day, he was behaving like he was already my boyfriend. The next day, he dropped off the face of the planet. He stopped answering texts. He stopped looking at my stories and snaps. He completely disappeared without a clear reason, without giving me any sort of closure.

3. We never became official because he wasn’t ready for a serious relationship. I misread the flirting. The cuddling. The hand holding. The kissing. I assumed he was slowly working his way toward becoming my boyfriend, but it turned out he was only interested in hovering between labels. He was perfectly happy spending time with me no strings attached — but I wanted more. I wanted a real relationship. I could not handle a casual relationship without any hope of a future. I could not handle calling him an almost. So I stopped calling him completely.

4. We never became official because the timing was never right. I liked him. He liked me. We should have gotten together, but for some reason, it never happened. Sometimes, one of us was busy with work. Sometimes, one of us was out of town. Sometimes, one of us was in another relationship. Even though we had strong feelings for each other, we always found a reason to keep our distance. We never took the next step.

5. We never became official because he showed his true colors. From his point of view, it might have looked like I led him on, but after getting to know him better, I realized we weren’t a good match. I realized I would never be able to trust him. I realized he was not what I was looking for in a partner. I decided to end the relationship before it became official because I didn’t want to waste any more of my time on someone I knew was wrong for me.

6. We never became official because I liked him more than he liked me. We got along well at first, but eventually, I could feel myself become clingier and clingier. I could feel myself getting annoying. I started realizing I was the one initiating each text, the one asking about weekend plans, the one caring more. I knew that wasn’t a recipe for a healthy relationship. I knew we weren’t going to work out. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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