When You Say The Timing Is Wrong, You Really Mean You Don't Want To Take Risks For Each Other

When You Say The Timing Is Wrong, You Really Mean You Don’t Want To Take Risks For Each Other

Bad timing is not the reason you never got together. Lack of feelings is the reason you never got together. Fear of taking risks is the reason you never got together. Hesitation to leave your comfort zone is the reason you never got together.

If you come across someone who you genuinely cannot live without, you are going to do everything within your power to make room for them in your world. You are going to make sacrifices. You are going to take leaps.

It won’t matter if you accepted a job offer in another state. You will find a way to make a long-distance love work. It won’t matter if you are already in another relationship. You will leave so you can start anew. It won’t matter if you recently got out of a toxic relationship and need time to heal before getting into your next relationship. You will wait for each other.

If you love each other enough, if you have your hearts set on dating each other, then timing is not going to matter. You are going to find a way to make things work. You are not going to care what barriers are in your way. You are going to overcome them together.

When you say the timing is wrong, you are really saying you don’t want to take risks for each other. You are saying you don’t believe they are a good enough reason to leave your comfort zone. You are saying you are not ready to take a leap for love.

Instead of blaming bad timing for losing the one who got away, you should take responsibility for your own actions. The universe is not unfairly keeping you apart. The world is not against your love story.

You are choosing to remain apart. You are making the conscious decision not to date.

Stop lamenting about how you lost the best thing to ever happen to you because of bad timing. If you really wanted to be together, you would be together. You would fight for the relationship. You would work around your problems. You would not let each other go.

Anyone you lost because of bad timing was not the right person for you. They were not a perfect match. They were not going to give you everything you needed.

Even though you might still love them, even though you might miss them more than you have ever missed anyone, you have to accept they were not your soulmate. You are better off without them, because without them, you are free to find your real soulmate.

When you come across the person you are supposed to spend eternity alongside, bad timing is not going to be a problem. Bad timing is not going to get in your way. Your problems will only be bumps along the road. Your relationship will be able to withstand anything thrown at you because you will both be ready to put in the effort. You will both do anything in the name of love. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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