10 Micro-Efforts Your Forever Person Should Put Into Your Relationship

10 Micro-Efforts Your Forever Person Should Put Into Your Relationship

1. Your person should put their phone down around you. They shouldn’t sneak glances beneath the dinner table when you are in the middle of a conversation with them. They shouldn’t be focused on someone miles away rather than the person directly in front of them, the person they are supposed to care for more than anyone else in the world.

2. Your person should take the time to check in with you to see if you are satisfied, if you are happy, if you are fulfilled. They should not assume you are doing okay. They should not assume they are reaching your expectations. They should communicate on a consistent basis to make sure you’re on the same page.

3. Your person should take planning into their own hands. They should plan out the perfect movie to watch with you after work. They should plan out the perfect snack to surprise you with after a fast food run. They should plan out little things that will make you happy throughout the week.

4. Your person should take your sexual pleasure into consideration. They should make sure you are getting enough oral. They should make sure you are getting enough orgasms. They shouldn’t make you beg for attention inside or outside of the bedroom. They should be excited to excite you.

5. Your person should put effort into keeping in contact with you throughout the day. They should send good morning messages. They should send selfies. They should make you feel included in their day even when you are unable to see each other face-to-face.

6. Your forever person should wear the cologne you love. They should keep themselves groomed. They should put at least a little effort into their appearance even though you would love them regardless of how they looked.

7. Your forever person should shower you with non-sexual affection. They should squeeze your hand. They should kiss your forehead. They should cuddle you close. They should touch you without an agenda.

8. Your forever person should make a habit of saying what is on their mind. They should tell you how beautiful you look. They should tell you how intelligent you are. They should tell you how much they love you. They should give you verbal reminders of how much you matter to them every single day so you never feel taken for granted.

9. Your forever person should memorize what matters the most to you. They should know the names of your cousins. They should know how you take your coffee. They should know what kind of wine you always keep in your fridge and which bag you never leave home without.

10. Your forever person should consider you a top priority. They should warm up the car before you climb inside if they know you’re always cold. They should have a cup of coffee waiting for you if they know you have a big day ahead. They should do little things — meaningful things — without expecting credit for them. They should put in effort because they love you. Because they have your best interest at heart. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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