In 2019, Be Cautious With Your Heart

In 2019, Be Cautious With Your Heart

In 2019, instead of asking whether you are worthy of someone else’s love, ask yourself whether they are worthy of your love, whether they deserve your affection, whether they have earned the chance to be with you.

In 2019, do not make finding love a priority. Make self-love a priority. Make self-confidence a priority. Make self-acceptance a priority.

In 2019, stop rushing to find love. Slow down. Pace yourself. You are going to reach your next milestone at the right moment. You are going to find the right person when you are ready. You are not behind. Relationships are not a race.

In 2019, do not tire yourself out chasing the wrong person. The right one will not run away from you. They will run towards you. 

In 2019, do not fight for attention. Do not fight for love. Do not fight for a relationship when the other person has already given up. Your feelings should not be one-sided and neither should your effort.

In 2019, Be kind to yourself. Treat yourself. Love yourself. Place yourself as a priority because you need to take care of yourself before you take care of anyone else.

In 2019, stay single until staying single no longer makes sense. Safeguard your heart until you find someone worthy of holding the key. And if you do not find anyone who meets your expectations, do not settle. Do not rearrange your desires. Keep your heart to yourself. Hold onto it for just a little while longer.

In 2019, do not let your loneliness convince you to make bad decisions. Do not text your toxic ex because you are sick of falling asleep alone. Do not jump into the wrong relationship because you think dating anyone is better than no one. Do not act like your single status is a curse you have to break. 

In 2019, do not correlate your self-worth to your relationship status. Do not get embarrassed about being single. Do not fool yourself into believing there is something wrong with you or that all of your married friends have it better. Happiness is not linked to relationships and neither is your value.

In 2019, do not turn a man (or woman) into your entire world. Do not give up your friends, your hobbies, and your dreams for the sake of the relationship. Do not lose your independence. Do not forget who you are.

In 2019, take a second to stop and think before putting all of your love, trust, and faith into a person. Stop and think before breaking your walls down and letting someone in. Stop and think before putting your heart on the line.

In 2019, be cautious with your heart. Be wary of who you trust. Do not blindly believe excuses. Do not give out second chances without reason. Do not accept apologies that are half-hearted. Have standards for the people you allow into your life. 

In 2019, allow yourself to be vulnerable — but do not allow yourself to be walked over.

In 2019, wear your heart on your sleeve — but walk away from anyone who crushes that heart.

In 2019, be open to experiencing love — but do not become obsessed with the idea. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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Holly is the author of Severe(d): A Creepy Poetry Collection.