9 Ways One-Sided Relationships Will Screw With Your Head

9 Ways One-Sided Relationships Will Screw With Your Head

1. You are going to end up with a skewed version of love. You are going to end up thinking it’s a big deal when you get a text back from your person — which should not be impressive to you. Yes, you deserve a text back, but you deserve so much more than that. The text is only the minimum.

2. You are going to end up second guessing every move you make. Since your person only gives you attention sometimes, you are going to search for a pattern. You are going to analyze body language and reread texts to figure out what causes them to treat you well and what causes them to run the other direction. You are going to try to solve an unsolvable mystery.

3. When the other person takes hours to text you back, cancels plans at the last second, or responds with a one-word answer after you sent a block of text, you are going to question everything. You are going to wonder why they treat you worse than you treat them. You are going to wonder why they act like you are a backup plan when you have been treating them like a first priority. You are going to wonder why they have only been giving you breadcrumbs when you have been giving them everything you have.

4. You are going to exert way too much effort on this person. Since they never bother to send the first text or plan dates, you are going to be stuck doing all of the work. You are going to be the one stressing out. You are going to be giving ninety-nine percent while they reap all the benefits.

5. You are going to end up comparing yourself to everyone else in their world because you are afraid they have feelings for someone else. You are going to treat everyone as your competition. Your jealousy is going to come out full swing.

6. You are going to drive yourself crazy with questions. Why aren’t they committing? What is taking them so long? Are they ever going to change their mind or are they going to continue with the casual flirting until they get bored and book it?

7. Your self-worth is going to take a hit. After they hurt you enough times, you are going to wonder whether you are worthy of their affection. Instead of being annoyed with them, you are going to be annoyed with yourself.

8. You are going to be confused about your relationship status. You are going to feel like you are single and in a relationship at the same time. You aren’t going to know whether you should delete your dating apps or keep swiping.

9. You are going to burn yourself out. You are going to keep sending texts, keep dressing sexy, keep posting cute picture online — until you realize nothing you do is ever going to be enough for them. You cannot make them respect you, You cannot make them treat you right. But you can walk away. You can decide you deserve more. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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