The Happiest Couples Have Uncomfortable Conversations

The Strongest Couples Have Uncomfortable Conversations

The strongest couples have uncomfortable conversations. They are open-hearted. Transparent. Brutally honest. They know their relationship is not going to end over one rough conversation. They know they are stronger than whatever issues arise. They believe in their love for each other. And they believe the only way to grow closer is to tell the truth without restraint, without barriers, without fear.

The strongest couples realize they are more powerful as a team. They work best when they are working together. They can overcome any hurdle as long as they swear to stick side-by-side. That is why they make a silent pact to tell each other everything. They do not sob behind closed doors. They cry on shoulders. They do not beat around a topic. They get straight to the point.

These couples do not believe in sugarcoating the truth. They are not going to tell little white lies in order to make a situation more comfortable because those lies could snowball. They would rather rest easily at night, knowing there are no secrets between them. There are no unspoken resentments. Everything is out in the open.

The strongest couples spit out how they are feeling without worrying about being abandoned or causing a breakup. They admit when they are angry, when they are disappointed, when they are upset, when they are scared. They trust their admittance of truth will bring them closer together in the end, not rip them further apart.

The strongest couples are skilled listeners. They want to know how the other person is feeling. They want emotions to be shared. They never blame each other for breaking down in tears or overreacting to a small situation. They never use the words calm down or accuse each other of acting crazy. They are relieved their person is comfortable enough around them to have uncomfortable moments.

The strongest couples understand communication is the key to a lifelong relationship. They are mature enough to talk about finances and insecurities and exes and sex. Nothing is off the table. They are able to bring up their doubts and their fears about the relationship in a safe, loving space without worry of being judged.

The strongest couples are not the ones living in a fantasy land. They are not the ones sweeping their disappointments under the rug to deal with at a later date. They are not the ones putting on a mask, pretending everything is okay when they are secretly unhappy. They are not the ones living a lie because the truth is too hard for them to swallow.

The strongest couples realize their relationship is not always going to be an easy ride. There are going to be rough days. There are going to be give-and-take arguments. But there are also going to be compromises. They are going to deal with their feelings like adults.

These couples know they can run to each other with anything because nothing is going to break them apart. Nothing is going to convince them to run. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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