How To Chase Away A Girl Who Would Have Given You Anything

How To Chase Away A Girl Who Would Have Given You Anything

She does not scare easily. She understands people are imperfect, which is why she is going to put up with your attitude. She is going to complain about you to her friends but then she will turn around and defend you. She will show her teeth when the time comes. She will not let anyone say a bad word about you because she believes you are a good guy deep down.

There are going to be times when she swears she has had enough of you, when she leaves your texts on read and dodges your phone calls, but she will come around. She will decide you are worth one more chance. She is going to listen to her nagging heart over her head because you make her happy and that is enough. She is willing to settle for you, and a part of her knows she is settling, but another part does not even care.

She might consider breaking up with you when you have screaming matches loud enough to startle neighbors, but once things cool down, she is going to give you another second chance. She is going to accept your apology. She is going to stick her neck out for you — and she is going to hope you appreciate that. She is going to hope you realize how much she has done for you because most people would not have stayed for as long as she has.

Even after you piss her off, she is still going to think about you every hour of the day. She is going to check in on you when she worries you’re hurting. And on your good days, she is going to compliment you. She is going to coddle you. She is going to climb on top of you. She is going to give you more than you could ever dream and she won’t even expect a thank you.

She is going to do everything within her control to make you happy and you are not going to care. You are not going to appreciate her. You are not going to thank her. You are going to make her miserable instead. You are going to turn what could have been the greatest relationship of your life into a deeply toxic one.

You are going to chase away a girl who would have given you anything by repeatedly breaking her heart. The first time she will piece herself back together and give you another chance. But after a while, she will learn her lesson. She will realize you are not worth another breath.

When you chase away a girl who would have given you anything, you might not realize what you are missing at first, but it will hit you eventually.

By the time you are ready to text her at two in the morning, begging for her to come back because no one else loves you the way she loved you, she will already be long gone. She will have already realized her worth. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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