Why Stupid Boys Will Ghost You, Based On Their Zodiac Sign 

17 Things I Learned After Falling For A Bad Boy

1. The person you love should not make you feel worthless.

2. The way he treats you is not the way you deserve to be treated and it is not the way every other guy will treat you in the future.

3. He is not worth waiting to hear from. Waiting for his texts, waiting for his likes, waiting for his admission of love, is only a waste of your time.

4. Even though there might have been other girls in the picture, you should never compare yourself to them. You should never wonder what you’re lacking. You should never ask yourself what is wrong with you. You should be asking yourself what is wrong with him. 

5. Even though you might have serious, strong feelings for him, it does not mean he feels the same way. Some of the moments that meant everything to you might have meant nothing to him.

6. You are going to have your most in-depth conversations late at night. However, when you try to continue the conversation in the morning, he will not be around to answer. He will only talk to you on his timetable. He will only play by his own rules.

7. You deserve to be introduced as a girlfriend. Not as a friend.

8. If he only texts you when he is wasted, if he only asks you out in the hopes of getting you drunk, then he probably only wants one thing from you. If he was the right match for you, then he would be excited to talk to you anytime, even when he was sober.

9. When he tells you he misses you, do not believe him — unless he follows the compliment up with a time he is free to meet you.

10. When he disappears for days and then returns with his charm turned up to 10, you do not have to answer him. You are allowed to ghost him right back because he is clearly wasting your time.

11. Instead of giving him the benefit of the doubt every time he posts pictures with other girls and invites you over at the last second and ignores your texts for days at a time, you should take it as a warning sign.

12. Just because he texts you does not mean he wants to date you.

13. Just because he flirts with you does not mean he wants to date you.

14. Just because he kisses you does not mean he wants to date you.

15. Just because he sleeps with you does not mean he wants to date you.

16Even if you have high standards, even if you are convinced you can spot toxicity from a mile away, there is still a chance you are going to end up going against your better instincts and falling for a fuckboy.

17. If he liked you as much as you like him, then there would not be any mixed signals. You wouldn’t be sitting around wondering whether his feelings for you are real or only temporary. He would make his intentions obvious. He would not risk letting a girl like you go. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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