33 Bad Habits You Should Break By The Time You Reach 30

33 Bad Habits You Should Break By The Time You Reach 30
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1. Stop settling for relationships that are beneath you. Believe that you deserve better because it is the truth.

2. Stop procrastinating. Get shit done today.

3. Stop oversleeping. You are wasting hours you could have used to be productive.

4. Stop under-sleeping. You need the energy if you want to be productive.

5. Stop falling for the first person who gives you a little bit of attention. Keep your standards high.

6. Stop showing up late. Leave the house early to make a good impression.

7. Stop drinking until you black out. Drink in moderation.

8. Stop checking your phone in the middle of face-to-face conversations. Pay attention to the person in front of you.

9. Stop posting passive aggressive statuses online. Confront your problems head-on, in person.

10. Stop overthinking every word said and every look thrown your way. Relax your mind.

11. Stop spending more hours on the computer than outside. Give yourself some fresh air and sunlight every once in a while.

12. Stop pretending you are okay. Admit when something is wrong.

13. Stop hanging out with friends who treat you terribly just because you have history. As you grow and change, so will your relationships.

14. Stop criticizing yourself when you glance in the mirror. Focus on what you love about yourself instead.

15. Stop comparing yourself to others. Their beauty does not reduce yours.

16. Stop making excuses to avoid the gym. Take better care of your body.

17. Stop saying yes when you want to say no. Make your voice heard.

18. Stop waiting for the perfect moment to make your move. Chase after what you want right this second instead.

19.  Stop blaming others instead of taking responsibility for your actions. Apologize when you mess up.

20. Stop wasting money you could be saving. Make sure you have enough left in your paycheck for important things, like the rent.

21. Stop canceling plans at the last second. Follow through on your promises.

22. Stop forgiving people who are not even sorry. You are allowed to walk away.

23. Stop having unsafe sex. Protect yourself because your body deserves your love and care.

24. Stop thinking about the past. Focus on the present and on building a better future for yourself.

25. Stop keeping score. You are not in a competition against anyone else.

26. Stop gossiping. Worry about your own world instead of those around you.

27. Stop doubting yourself. Believe you are capable of achieving every goal you set.

28. Stop blaming your parents and your exes for all of your faults. Accept that you are the only one in charge of your actions.

29. Stop existing entirely on junk food and fast food. Learn how to cook a few meals on your own.

30. Stop cheating. Break up with your person once you become interested in another person.

31. Stop spending time around people who do not appreciate you. Only associate with those who uplift and enlighten you.

32. Stop sleeping with your makeup on. Wash your face in the morning and before bed.

33. Stop living an average life. Live the life that will make you happiest. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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