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30 Reminders For When You Miss Him

1. Missing him does not mean he misses you back.

2. Do not waste time thinking about someone who is not thinking about you.

3. Instead of texting him to catch up, you can always text your friends and have them talk some sense into you.

4. You won’t find another guy like him, but you will find another guy who makes you feel how he made you feel.

5. Missing him does not mean you should reach out to him or get back together with him.

6. You might feel like getting over him is impossible right now but you will eventually reach a place where you are happier without him.

7. The next time you feel yourself missing the good times you had with him, remember there were bad times too.

8. You should not run back to your exes because you are feeling lonely.

9. Your love story is over, so stop telling yourself there is a chance you two will reunite in the future. The first step to moving on is acceptance.

10. It sucks when there isn’t any closure but you can move on without it.

11. Missing him means you had someone in your world who meant a lot to you, which should bring you comfort, not pain.

12. You are never going to get over him if you keep in touch with him.

13. The more you scroll through his social media, the more you are going to miss him.

14. Not all loves are meant to last.

15. He is not the one who got away, so there is no reason for you to worry about ending up alone forever.

16. You can miss him and realize he is not worthy of being missed at the same time.

17. You can avoid the temptation to text him. You can avoid the temptation to follow him. You can avoid the temptation to beg for him back.

18. The version of him that you miss might not exist anymore.

19. Stop missing the glamorized version of your relationship and remember how rough it really was.

20. You can miss him without reaching out to let him know you miss him.

21. Missing him is not a sign you should chase after him.

22. Missing him is not a sign he deserves a second chance.

23. Some people belong in your past.

24. Missing him does not mean you are losing the breakup. 

25. He is your ex for a reason. If he was right for you, then you would still be together.

26. Keep your past in your past and keep your eye on your future.

27. Missing him does not make you stupid. Even though he hurt you, it’s natural to have lingering feelings for a person that last long after the relationship ends.

28. Moving on is not a competition. It might take you a while to forget about him and that is okay. Everyone moves at a different pace.

29. You are allowed to cry over him and the future you could have had together, even if it has been a long time since the breakup.

30. You are not going to miss him forever. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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