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22 Things I Learned After Leaving A Friend With Benefits Behind

1. You should never settle for less than you deserve when it comes to your career, your friendships, or your relationships because you will end up feeling even more insecure than you started out.

2. Getting half of what you want from someone you love is as heartbreaking as never getting into a relationship with them in the first place.

3. Sleeping with someone is not going to convince them to love you.

4. You might be able to get away with lying to someone about your feelings for them but you cannot lie to yourself for long.

5. When someone tells you they are not interested in a serious relationship, believe them instead of embarking on a quest to change their mind.

6. Even though all of those intimate moments where you cuddle and kiss and hold hands in bed might feel meaningful to you, it does not mean the other person is having the same reaction.

7. Strong chemistry does not mean you are meant to date someone.

8. You can give someone everything they ask, you can morph yourself into the perfect person for them, but that does not mean they are going to appreciate all of the effort you have gone through for them.

9. The longer you stay, the deeper your feelings are going to develop, but that doesn’t mean their feelings are ever going to change.

10. Someone who makes you feel special in the middle of the night but abandons you by morning is not good enough for you.

11. Just because someone is attracted to your body does not mean they are attracted to your mind, your heart, or your soul.

12. Sleeping with them is not going to get them out of your system. It is going to have the opposite effect, making it even harder for you to stop thinking about them.

13. Your body is not the only valuable thing about you and anyone who reduces you to a set of breasts and a butt is far beneath your standards.

14. You should not be embarrassed over how many people you have slept with because ‘your number’ has no correlation to your worth.

15. Just because someone acts like your boyfriend does not mean they are actually your boyfriend.

16. You deserve good morning texts and kisses in public and all of the other things you wish you could have gotten from him but never did.

17. When you are searching for an emotional connection with someone, a physical connection is not going to cut it.

18. When you meet the right person, you will not feel pressured to sleep with them in order to keep their attention.

19. There is no reason to chase after someone who is unable to see your worth from the start.

20. Someone who is not ready for a relationship right now will never be ready.

21. You do not have to settle for one night stands and casual sex when you are searching for something more consistent.

22. Being friends with benefits when you secretly want a relationship is guaranteed to lead to a broken heart. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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