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12 Signs You Are Chasing Someone Who Doesn’t Want To Be Caught

1. You are in charge of texting. You come up with every conversation starter. You send the first text every single time. You have even sent double texts before. You know you need to keep finding new excuses to talk to him because he will never initiate the conversation himself.

2. You take care of the planning. You keep asking him to hang out. You keep checking if he’s free. You keep coming up with new activities — movies you should see together, restaurants you should taste test — while he has never given a suggestion or mentioned anything about missing you.

3. You insert yourself into his world. Whenever you are in the same room together, you rush over to him. You choose the seat next to him. You jump into group conversations involving him. You spend a lot of time together, but it’s always because you made the decision to go over to him.

4. You make one-sided advances on him. You have given him compliments about how attractive he looks. You have made sexual comments about yourself (and maybe sent a few pictures). You have made it clear you are 100% interested in him, but he has given you little in return.

5. You make the first move. You touch him every time you get the chance. You brush your fingers through his hair. You rest your hands on his upper thighs. You propel your body as close to him as possible. Even though he enjoys the attention (and has maybe even slept with you) he still hasn’t asked you out officially.

6. You do most of the talking. Even during the rare instances when he texts first, he only sends short messages. Meanwhile, you send paragraphs with cute jokes and witty observations. You have learned to keep asking questions in order to keep the conversation going. Otherwise, he stops answering.

7. You aren’t sure where he stands on relationships. He has mentioned his cheating ex before. He has mentioned his interest in other girls before. Even though there are times when he acts like he’s already your boyfriend, he does not seem like the biggest fan of commitment.

8. You are the only straightforward one. You have been pretty honest about your feelings and pretty clear about your intentions. You feel like he should be returning the favor and letting you know where he stands but he has been surprisingly reserved. You aren’t sure exactly how he feels about you.

9. You have to nudge him to talk to you. Sometimes he drops out of your life. When that happens, you like his posts and upload attractive pictures of yourself to social media in the hopes he will pay attention to you again.

10. You are stuck making constant excuses for him. When he takes too long to text back, you assume he is trying to come up with the perfect response or that he is busy with work or that he fell asleep. You think the best of him, always.

11. You are ignoring what he saysEven though it seems like there is chemistry between the two of you, you cannot overvalue his actions and undervalue his words (or vice versa). If he says he is not ready for a relationship, then he is not ready for a relationship.

12. You are exhausted. You feel like you are the only one who has been putting energy into your relationship. Even though you don’t mind making the first move, you don’t want to be making all the moves. It’s just not right. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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