Wait For A Boy You Don’t Have To Impress

Wait For A Boy You Don't Have To Impress
Unsplash / Sarandy Westfall

When you like someone, you might spend hours in front of the mirror applying your makeup before seeing him. You might take a million different selfies before posting one to your story because you are hoping he sees it and compliments you in a private message. You might start listening to certain bands you know he has seen in concert and wear outfits you think he will find attractive. That’s all normal. Everyone does those things when their heart falls hard.

However, the right guy for you is going to be impressed by the things you don’t even realize you’re doing. He will be impressed by the things you have never consciously thought about. He will be impressed by the raw, unfiltered you. 

He will love the shape of your body, even though you are insecure about certain bits and pieces.

He will love the way you look in your glasses, even though you wear contacts as much as possible because you think your frames look silly.

He will love the way you pronounce certain words, even though you never realized you say them any differently than the rest of the world does.

He will love the faces you make when you are annoyed and when you are excited and when you are in the mood for kisses.

He will love the little things about you no one else has ever mentioned before.

When you find this boy, you won’t have to work hard to impress him. You won’t feel the need to act like you know about his favorite hockey team or sneaker brand when you are secretly clueless. You won’t be embarrassed when you spill water all over yourself or stumble over what you’re saying in front of him. You will feel completely comfortable with him, because you know he thinks you’re cute even when you think you’re being awkward.

Wait for a boy who will laugh at your stupid jokes no one else finds funny. A boy who will love what you look like naturally, with your hair wet and your face free from makeup. A boy who will honestly be confused when you complain about what you look like because he thinks you are drop dead gorgeous.

Wait for a boy who brings you an extra burst of confidence. A boy who reminds you of your worth.

Wait for a boy who helps you learn that you are allowed to stop pretending. A boy who makes you feel like it’s finally okay to be yourself, because you should never feel the need to put on an act. You should never feel like the real you is not good enough. You should never doubt whether you are worthy of love. You should never worry about him leaving once he sees the truth.

Wait for a boy who loves the real you, the authentic you, the you that you always assumed was unlovable. Wait for the boy who makes you feel like you are perfect exactly the way you are. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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