Stay Single Until You Meet Someone Who Doesn’t Suck

Stay single instead of chasing someone who drops out of your world every few weeks. Someone who picks and chooses when to talk to you. Someone who cannot make up their mind about whether they want to be with you or explore their other options. You don’t want to be someone’s second choice. You don’t want them to end up with you because they are sick of shoving you away. You want someone who saw your worth from the start. Someone who matched your effort even in the beginning.

Stay single instead of working your ass off to convince someone who is not ready for a relationship right now to change their mind. You are not meant to give someone a list of reasons why dating you would benefit them. They are supposed to know how beautiful you are naturally. If you have to bend over backwards to impress them, then they are not good enough for you.

Stay single instead of entering a one-sided relationship where you are pulling all the weight. Where you are sending the first text every morning and planning the dates every weekend. You are not supposed to feel like you are babysitting the person you are dating. You are supposed to feel more like teammates.

Stay single instead of sleeping with someone for the sole purpose of convincing them to date you. Giving them what they want is not going to lead to a relationship. Things are not going to work the same way they have in your daydreams. You’re only going to end up with a broken heart.

Stay single instead of diving into a relationship with the guy who only texts you back half the time and is hesitant to post your picture on social media. You don’t want to commit to someone completely when they are only half-invested. You don’t want to start calling someone your person when they are still referring to you as just a friend. Wait for someone who is excited to become your partner in crime. Someone who talks about how much they like you early on, not someone you have to wrench compliments out of.

Stay single instead of getting involved with someone you feel lukewarm about because they are the only one around. Because you are bored and cannot find a better catch anywhere else. Because you are sick of telling everyone you’re unattached. You’re better off on your own than with someone whose heart you know you are going to break somewhere down the line. Single life is not nearly as miserable as life alongside someone who you couldn’t care less about.

Stay single until you find someone who doesn’t suck. Someone who treats you with respect, even when they are going through a rough time. Stay single until you find someone who not only shows up to dates on time, but plans dates. Someone who not only texts you back every time, but texts you about how much he loves you and misses you.

Stay single until you find a good enough reason to change your relationship status, because the boys who go back-and-forth with the way they treat you are not worth your time. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Holly is the author of Severe(d): A Creepy Poetry Collection.

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