13 Little Things I Want To Tell My Person Every Day

Your Forever Person Is Going To Do These 10 Things Differently Than Your Exes

1. Your forever person is going to be present. He is going to look at you from across the dinner table instead of staring at his phone. He is going to ask you questions in group conversations instead of ignoring you to focus on his friends. He is going to be there. He is never going to let you feel lonely while he is in the room alongside you.

2. Your forever person is going to encourage your growth. He is not going to push you to change your hair or your clothes because he loves you exactly the way you are. But if he notices you aspiring to reach a certain milestone, then he is going to motivate you to chase after those dreams. He is not going to let you settle. He is going to do whatever he can to help you flourish.

3. Your forever person is going to find more than one way to get intimate with you. Sex is not going to be the only time when your bodies are touching. He is going to hold your hand during car rides. He is going to let you lean your head on his lap during lazy Sundays. He is going to have his hands on you all the time, not only when he wants something from you.

4. Your forever person is going to make room for you in his universe. He is going to invite you to holiday parties and dinners with his parents. He is going to explain inside jokes with his friends so you are not sitting there confused. He is going to make sure you are invited anywhere he goes. He is going to make you a permanent piece of his world.

5. Your forever person is going to provide a comfortable space for you. He is going to make it clear you can tell him anything by listening closely when you speak and never judging the words that escape your lips. His main priority is making you feel safe, secure, and comfortable. He never wants you to worry around him. He wants you to feel protected by his side.

6. Your forever person is going to place your relationship before himself. He is going to come home and ask about your day before delving into complaints about his day. He is going to make decisions that are best for the both of you instead of impulsively choosing the selfish option. He is going to be the best boyfriend you have ever had, even when it is inconvenient for him.

7. Your forever person is going to try to see your point of view. He is not going to explode when you come to him with complaints about your relationship. He is not going to jump into defense-mode and make you feel like your emotions are wrong. He is going to step into your shoes. He is going to try his best to understand where you are coming from.

8. Your forever person is going to ease your pain. He is not going to be able to shield you from heartache and grief, but he will do his best to cheer you up when your life goes off the rails. He will make jokes. He will give you reassurance. And when he knows there is nothing he can say to make the situation better, he will just be there for you. He will make sure you know you are not alone.

9. Your forever person is going to change your view of yourself. He cannot make you love yourself, but he will try his hardest to get you to see your worth. He will give you daily compliments. He will treat you with unwavering respect. He will give you the kind of love you always felt unworthy of, but always deserved.

10. Your forever person is going to make you feel like you are in exactly the right place. He is going to take away your doubts about everlasting love. He is going to convince you that some relationships really do have what it takes to last a lifetime — and yours is one of them. TC mark

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