This Is What A Loyal Man Looks Like

Loyal Man
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A loyal man makes you feel like the most beautiful woman in every single room. He never makes you doubt yourself. He encourages you to love yourself.

A loyal man deletes his dating apps. He gets rid of numbers from old flings because he realizes he doesn’t need them anymore. He isn’t interested in swapping you out for anyone else. And he knows he doesn’t need a backup plan in case your relationship falls apart because he has faith you are going to last a lifetime.

A loyal man cares about more than sex. He values you for your brains, for your sense of humor, for the personality hidden beneath your skin. He enjoys spending time with you, even when you are completely covered. He believes intimacy is more than getting naked. It involves hand holding and cuddling and listening closely to each other speak.

A loyal man thinks about you, even when you are not around. He sends texts while he is out with his friends. He checks in with you throughout the day to make sure you are doing okay. He gives you attention every single day, not only when you are in the same room as him.

A loyal man shows you off so the world knows you are a couple. He introduces you to his family. He takes you out for drinks with his friends. He brings you to work events where all of his coworkers already know your name. He gushes over you to everyone he meets because he is proud to announce he is taken.

A loyal man answers your questions without trying to wiggle his way out of an uncomfortable conversation. He tells you the truth, even when it’s going to be hard for you to hear. He respects you enough to give you all of the information instead of tossing pieces of the story out there so that he looks better.

A loyal man has morals. He does not believe in lying or cheating or manipulation. Whenever he hears about a friend or a celebrity who has been unfaithful, he never makes excuses for them. He expresses his disappointment, because he doesn’t believe anyone deserves to be cheated on.

A loyal man never hides anything from you. He gives you the full tour of his psyche. He lets you see the ugly sides of him that he keeps shielded from the rest of the world. You don’t have to drill him to get answers out of him. He is vulnerable with you. He gives you whatever information you ask to hear. He never holds anything back, especially his heart.

A loyal man is someone you can trust. When he comes through the door later than you expected, you aren’t worried about what might have happened while he was gone. You know that nothing sketchy went down. You know there was either too much traffic, his boss kept him working extra hours, or he lost track of time with his friends. There is nothing to get paranoid about when it comes to him because you trust that he would never hut you. Not in a million years. TC mark


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