30 Clever Responses For When People Call You ‘Too Quiet’

The next time someone embarrasses you by mentioning how you are ‘too quiet,’ use one of these comebacks from Ask Reddit.

1. “You are loud enough for the both of us.” — skyler4722

2. “Nobody plans a murder out loud.” — lemonsoapgirl

3. “That’s because you can’t hear me screaming inside.” — laurus85

4. “I have this feature where I don’t need to say every thought that goes through my head.” — how_do_i_change_this

5. “You should try it some time.” — Draaaaaaven

6. “Wait, you can see me!?” — 1000WaystoPie

7. “Does it make you nervous?” — Longshot_45

8. “It’s not polite to make generalizations about people.” — jarod47

9. “Sorry , I was just picturing what you would look like without skin…” — bucksatan731

10. “It’s so I can hear the voices better.” — gingerly_said

11. “If you say something interesting maybe I’ll talk.” — mahboilucas

12. “That’s not what your mom said last night.” — cmpuente22

13. “You should hear what the others have to say about you.” — awkwardmamasloth

14. “Well, people like us are there to balance out people like you.” — twofirstkinds

15. “What was that? I couldn’t hear you over the intense silence between us.” — BlasphemyIsJustForMe

16. “Well if you would shut your gob for 2 seconds maybe I could talk.” [deleted]

17. “Because unlike you, I’ve learned to keep my stupid comments to myself.” — unidentifiednico

18. “Not with my friends.” — jjbutts

19. “I’m quietly judging you.” — AmazingIsTired

20. “My Mom always told me: ‘If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.'” — GrayProphet

21. “There is a party in my head.” — pickledcupcake

22. “I don’t want to interrupt the voices.” — adeliva

23. “Your mom wasn’t.” — OneOfALifetime

24. “Maybe you are just loud.” — fanmanutd11

25. “A wise man speaks because he has something to say. A fool speaks because he has to say something.” — GlassFields

26. “Constantly talking isn’t communicating.” — GreatTragedy

27. “They told me you would say that.” — michaelaaronblank

28. “Does it bother you?” — Tall_Mickey

29. “One of us has to be.” — mini6ulrich66

30. “And how does that make you feel?” — lilmouse9 TC mark

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