Why Girls Who Don’t See Their Worth Get Attached So Easily

A girl who gets attached easily
Unsplash / Easton Oliver

When someone holds open the door for her or saves a seat for her or remembers her name, she is flattered. She spends the rest of the day thinking about the encounter, even if it only lasted two seconds long.

Little things mean a lot to her. Extended eye contact. Accidental touching. Soft smiles. Winks. Waves. Good morning texts.

She can spend hours thinking about a conversation that took two minutes. A small compliment can keep her smiling for the whole week. When someone treats her well, she doesn’t forget it. She becomes giddy over it.

She gets attached easily because she isn’t used to being treated with kindness. She is used to being ignored. Blending into the background. Feeling invisible. Feeling like she does not matter. 

Her low self-worth makes her settle for less than she deserves. It makes her think that someone is perfect for her, just because they acknowledge her when she walks into the room instead of looking past her. Just because they answer her texts eventually instead of ignoring them completely. Just because they treat her like a human instead of a piece of meat.

She doesn’t think enough of herself, which is why she gets attached easily.

She thinks someone is a gentleman for texting her about her day without ever asking for naked pictures, when she should really be expecting more. She should really have higher standards for herself. She should really be more careful about who she lets into her heart.

She knows that, of course. She knows that she falls fast and hard. She knows that she gets obsessed with people too soon after meeting them. She knows the way her heart beats.

If she is being honest, she hates herself for getting attached easily, because she gets hurt easily. When she realizes that the person who complimented her and flirted with her and texted her nonstop actually treats everyone the same way, her illusion is shattered. Her heart is shattered.

She wishes that she didn’t get attached so quickly. She wishes that small gestures done by strangers didn’t make her heart melt. But she can’t stop herself from blushing when someone pays attention to her. She can’t stop herself from thinking about what their future could hold.

Seconds after meeting someone, she thinks about what it would be like to kiss them. Days after meeting someone, she thinks about what it would be like to date them.

She knows that she should slow down. She should take her time. She should stay patient. She should take things one step at a time instead of fast-forwarding to the future.

But she has so much love to give. She has so much time and effort she is willing to devote to the right person. She would make such a good girlfriend if given the chance. 

She gets attached easily because she wants to put her heart to good use. She wants to give. She wants to love. She wants to find her forever. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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