Read This When You Are Waiting For A Text Back

Girl waiting for a text back
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Stop staring at your phone screen. Stop checking to make sure that you didn’t miss a notification. Stop equating your worth to how quickly someone texts you back — or whether they text you back at all.

You can’t put your life on hold while you wait for them to give you attention. You can’t spend every second wondering what they are doing instead of answering you. You can’t let a text back from them make your day and let being ignored from them ruin your day. You can’t let them hold that much power over you.

If they take a while to respond, don’t jump to conclusions. Don’t assume that you aren’t good enough for them. That they aren’t interested in you. That they want nothing to do with you. That they read your text and rolled their eyes because you mean nothing to them.

And don’t hate yourself for sending the text in the first place. Don’t tell yourself that you were an idiot for trying to connect with them, that you shouldn’t have bothered. Don’t sell yourself short. Don’t let your insecurities get the best of you.

You have no idea what they are going through. They might be busy. They might be asleep. They might be at work. They might be trying to impress you by playing it cool. They might be struggling to come up with a suitable answer to send you.

You can’t freak out if ten minutes go by and they don’t respond, because even if you are a priority, it might take them a little while to text you back. You can’t expect them to drop everything for you. You can’t expect to be the center of their world.

Of course, if they make a habit of waiting three days to answer your messages or avoid answering you completely, then you don’t need them. You are better off without them. You are better off erasing their number from your phone so you never have the temptation to reach out to them again.

You don’t want to waste your energy texting someone who is never going to answer you. Someone who doesn’t value your time enough to type out a two sentence text to you.

If they make it clear that they are only going to text you when they feel like talking to you — when they are bored or lonely or drunk — then you shouldn’t make an effort for them. You shouldn’t give them what they want if they can’t give you what you want — and all you want is a text back. You’re really not asking for much. You’re not out of your lane.

Of course, don’t blame yourself when your phone screen stays blank. Don’t be mad that you tried to talk to them and got the cold shoulder. Be thankful that you reached out to them and discovered how they truly felt about you. Be happy that you realized they weren’t good enough for you. That they aren’t worth a second of your time. That they aren’t worth one more text. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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