Never Date Someone Who Drinks Too Much

A guy who drinks too much
Unsplash / Matthew Sleepe

Never date someone who treats you well when they are sober and turns into a totally different person when they’re drunk. Someone who only says mean things when they are out of it, when they didn’t realize what they were doing, when they have an excuse.

Never date someone who wakes up in the AM and acts like everything is fine, because they honestly believe everything is fine. Because they don’t have any memory of the nasty things they said the night before. Because the alcohol wiped away their version of the events, while you can’t stop replaying them in your head.

Never date someone who gives you empty apologies. Someone who isn’t serious about making a change to their lifestyle. Someone who acts embarrassed about what they have done in the morning and swears it will never happen again — and then, only a week later, the behavior repeats itself. And the apology repeats itself. Again and again and again.

Never date someone who seems like the life of the party when they’re out in public, but only because they are so different behind closed doors. No one else sees how mean they can get. They only see the fun side. The good side. The side that disappears when you’re alone together.

Never date someone who opens a can of beer, or pours themselves a Jack and Coke, every night after work without exception. Someone who drinks when they are stressed, when they are lonely, when they are excited, and when they are numb. Someone who can’t go a single day without a drink, because they always find a reason why they need another one.

Never date someone who drives drunk, because they are confident they can get away with it. Someone who shows up to work drunk, because they know their boss won’t notice. Someone who is either wasted or hungover every single time you see them.

Never date someone who accuses you of overreacting when you tell them they should cut back on the drinking. Someone who can’t go one holiday without sipping on something strong, even if you beg them to do it for you just this once. Someone who chooses alcohol over their relationship. Someone who chooses alcohol over themselves.

Never date someone who refuses to get help. Someone who claims they can handle their drinking, even though they have proven countless times that is false. Never date someone who lets their addiction take control of their life. Someone who doesn’t want to put effort into making a change.

Never date someone who embarrasses you — but only when they’re drunk. Someone who starts fights with you — but only when they’re drunk. Someone who cheats on you — but only when they’re drunk. Someone who you do not want to be around — but only when they’re drunk.

Never date someone who treats you like complete trash, whether they are sober or shit-faced, whether they know what they are doing or not. You deserve better than that. You deserve better than them. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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