She Doesn’t Want To Give Up On You, But You Haven’t Given Her A Choice

Girl who is giving up on you
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She doesn’t want to give up on you, but you have proven that you aren’t worth her time. She keeps giving you more and more pieces of her, but you haven’t given her anything in return. You haven’t given her a reason to trust you, to have faith in you. You’ve only given her reasons to walk away.

She doesn’t want to give up on you, but you don’t appreciate anything that she has done. When she texts first, you ignore her. When she invites you over, you cancel. When she gives you attention and affection, you abuse it. Instead of being thankful for how well she treats you, you act like she is bothering you with her kindness.

She doesn’t want to give up on you, but you are slowly becoming more trouble than you are worth. You are bringing her more pain than happiness. You are making her doubt whether she is beautiful enough, intelligent enough, good enough for you. You are making her feel like she is doing something wrong, even though she has been trying so hard to make you happy. Even though there isn’t anything more she can do.

She doesn’t want to give up on you, but you have run out of chances. She has let you make mistake after mistake without even thinking about walking away from you. She has given you countless opportunities to set things right with her, but you keep taking her kindness for granted. She has been more than fair up until this point, but she can’t keep giving out chances to someone who refuses to learn and grow.

She doesn’t want to give up on you, but honestly, you’ve kind of been acting like an asshole. Some days, you act like she is invisible. Other days, you start pointless drama. You aren’t living up to her expectations. You keep disappointing her again and again. She feels like history keeps repeating itself and she is just letting it happen. But she can’t let it happen anymore. She knows that now.

She doesn’t want to give up on you, but she feels like she has no other choice. A one-sided love isn’t real love. She can’t be the only person putting in effort, because the relationship will never last that way. If you aren’t willing to put any energy toward your relationship with her, then she is better off without you. She is better off alone.

She doesn’t want to give up on you, but she has high standards. She knows that she deserves better than the half-ass love that you have been giving her. She deserves someone who will put in actual effort to see her, to plan dates, to make her happy. Someone who will go out of his way to do sweet things. Someone who will appreciate everything that she does for him.

She is attracted to you. She enjoys spending time with you. She doesn’t want to give up on you. But she feels like you have already given up on her. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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