This Is What Falling Out Of Love Is Because It’s Not All Fights And Tears

Girl falling out of love
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Falling out of love is wondering if you are just going through a rough patch and should hang onto the relationship, or if you should give up and start packing your things.

Falling out of love is feeling guilty every time you dodge their kisses and spend extra time out to avoid them, because they deserve better than that. But it is also feeling guilty every time you kiss them on the lips and tell them that you love them, because you feel like you’re lying to them.

Falling out of love is coming up with excuses to keep your distance. Pulling your hand away whenever they grab it. Going to sleep before they can join you in bed. Touching yourself instead of touching them.

Falling out of love is getting mad at the stupidest little things. Yelling at them for making a small mistake that you would normally sweep under the rug, but for some reason can’t keep quiet about now.

Falling out of love is spending more and more time apart. Choosing to hang out with your friends when you know your person wanted to see you that night. Choosing to work an extra hour or two (or stop at the bar after you’re finished) because you don’t feel like going back home just yet.

Falling out of love is paying more attention than usual to the eye candy around you. Flirting with strangers who approach for your number. Forgetting to mention that you are already in a relationship because it feels good to be noticed by someone else for a change.

Falling out of love is dreading the days of the year you used to love the most. Holidays with their family. Romantic dates on the town. Birthdays. Anniversaries. Weekends. Weddings.

Falling out of love is having the same fights over and over again. Rehashing the same old things that should have been solved by now. Fixating on everything you can’t stand about the other person because all you can see are their flaws.

Falling out of love is falling into a routine that you can’t stand. Saying the same things. Asking the same questions. Having the same conversations each day about how was work because you can’t think of anything else to talk about.

Falling out of love is looking through photographs of all of the fun times you shared together, but feeling completely different now than you did when those pictures were taken. It’s realizing how much things have changed internally, how much your feelings have shifted.

Falling out of love is constantly thinking about how things could be different. How you could be dating that cute person at work. How you could be getting drunk with your single friends. How you could be happier than you are right now.

Falling out of love is feeling like you’re only staying in the relationship because you are so comfortable. Because you have so much history. Because you used to love them so much — not because you love them right now.

Falling out of love is heartbreaking. World shattering. It feels like you’re throwing away everything you have ever wanted, everything you have worked so hard to find. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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