Intelligent Girls Know That There Is More To Life Than Love

Intelligent girl
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Intelligent girls know that it isn’t the end of the world when a boy takes too long to answer their text or opens their snap without replying or cancels plans at the last second.

They know that it doesn’t matter how many dates they get asked on or how many likes they get on an attractive picture they post. They understand that it’s okay if they have been single for years now and they’re the only one in their friend group who is still unattached.

They aren’t rushing to get married. They aren’t crying their eyes out over the fact that nobody stays in their life for long.

They can handle the sting of rejection, the pain of disappointment, because they know that worse things could happen. Being turned down by a cute boy isn’t the end of the world.

So if someone rejects them, they will deal with it. If someone breaks up with them, they will make it through. They don’t let little things get them overly upset.

Sure, they might shed a few tears because they are still human, because they have emotions too. They might even mope around for a bit and stay in their bed for longer than usual, but it won’t take them weeks to get back up again. They don’t let heartache hold them down for long.

Intelligent girls see their worth, they push past their insecurities, so they don’t waste much time questioning why someone left them. They remind themselves that if a person is gone, they must not belong together. That person must not be good enough for them.

After all, if someone is not doing their share in the relationship, if they always take and keep forgetting to give, then they are not worth dating. It is better off that they are gone, because intelligent girls never settle for less than they deserve.

Intelligent girls also understand that love isn’t everything. That there is more to happiness than having a hand to hold.

That’s why they aren’t actively looking for a relationship. They don’t have the time. They split their focus between their love life and their career and their friends and their family. They make room for the things some people choose to sacrifice for love.

But intelligent girls realize that one thing doesn’t have to be valued over the other. They can have a career and a relationship. A best friend and a boyfriend.

Of course, if they only have half of those things, that’s okay too. They are happy just the way things are.

Intelligent girls know that love isn’t everything. At least, romantic love isn’t everything.

They still feel a surge of love every time their pet climbs onto their lap. Every time their friend squeezes them with a hug. Every time their mother hangs up the phone with an I love you. Every time their boss congratulates them on a job well done.

Intelligent girls might be single at the moment, but they are still surrounded with love. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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